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Oh My God...UPDATE?!
Deathfire at 10:29PM, Aug. 28, 2008
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lawl…well somewhat of one. ^^'

No, MD is still postponed until after AWA…BUT…who's scripting now?


I just started writing a novel-like version of a script for Manipulated Demonology, giving me much needed time AND an easier time to edit here and there. So I PROMISE that the dialogue will be TEN TIMES better and there will not be as many weird and awkward parts in the story.

Now remember that there will still be a lot of backstory in this first part of the comic, so please bare with the random jumps back in time. ^^' I'm just doing it so that you can understand my characters.

Anyway, just so I don't keep you guys out in the dust. I AM working on MD still, so yay! ^_^
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