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More in Detail about my hiatus. ^.^--Feel free to comment!
Deathfire at 7:41AM, July 10, 2008
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Yes. I've been free until now to do my comic. I was surprised that I could still work on it in Korea lol. I really do apologize though for having a hiatus very early in my comic. ^^' That's the summer for ya.

The next week I'll be going places. I'm gonna go to a water park with a friend, and like…that's the BEST THING EVER RIGHT NOW. It is so frackin' hot up here in Korea, I think I will die in my sleep! DX Then I'll be going to my dad's side of the family for a week next week as well. Just today my uncle said that we might do something over the weekend, too. ^^'

The reason for all this, is because I'm going back to America in August (YAYS!), so my peeps are trying to plan to do everything before I leave.

As much as I've enjoyed Korea, I've also really missed home. I have not been home ever since winter vacation (discluding the time I came home only to go on the plane the next day lol), so it'll be refreshing to be back.

August is busy as well, because…I gotta catch up. I know my mom's gonna have me do a bunch of crap when I come back. ^^' I also have to find a job or at least secure one for me for the winter. Adding to that, I'm also getting ready for Anime Week Atlanta. I have to print out, prepare, etc. my products that I'm selling, so it'll take a lot of time.

AWA is the next weekend after I move in, so I'm just RUSHING with life here. DX omg, I really hope I have readers that go to AWA! I'd love to see you guys there! ^_^

Oh, and shameless plug here. If you want to check out my products or want to commission me, please PQ me here or PM me on DA(!!! Thanks!

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