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Summer 2008-This gal is going to Korea!!! DX
Deathfire at 1:24PM, May 20, 2008
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So yeah, IMMEDIATELY after I get home from college, I'm leaving off to South Korea…and yeah…I probably won't be back until August. So…that might mean that I can't update Manipulated Demonology for a while…BUT…I'm discussing with my mom if there's a possibility I can take her laptop (I only have a desktop) and my printer over, so I can work on the webcomic and awesome goodies that I'm going to sell at Anime Week Atlanta this fall! ^_^

So don't fear children! D: If I have anymore time during school, I'll try to do some pages in advance, but I can't promise that, since I care more about my finals than anything. ^^'

But otherwise, we can all keep up in the forum, ya?
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