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Nice Things... A Little Critical Acclaim!
Brother Zag at 2:02PM, May 18, 2008
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It's nice when people say nice things, isn't it? Troy Brownfield over at Newsarama read and reviewed issue one of Panthea Obscura:

Panthea Obscura: Deifornication #1: Brought to you by Mike Luoma, the guy who did the sublime Holy ____!: Or Pat Robertson Is The Anti-Christ, Panthea Obscura trades heavily on two trademarks that Luoma established in that earlier book: a fine eye for cultural weirdness, and lacerating humor. Once there were gods, and now the gods are suffering a bit of an existential crisis. Humanity’s kind of moved on, the and the Gods consider their role. What they decide is hilariously appropriate for the graphic form, and Luoma’s given himself a place from which to rain barbs down upon politics, religion, and comics itself. The art by Juan Carlos Quattordio is a bit rough, but succeeds on its appropriately indie-bred scrappiness. This is one to watch.

The folks at the Comic Book Bin checked in, too:
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