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Deathfire at 11:36AM, May 23, 2008
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Name: Jung-Ha Kim
Birthday: August 22, 1989
Likes: nice people, respectful people, just…all the good stuff about humans…if there are any lol, heavy metal, eurodance pop
Dislikes: bipolarness, rap (Asian rap is okay), country, seeing hanged ppl…>_>;

So how do I start off? I'm a Korean-American from the southern part of the States and I've grown up here probably most of my life (the furthest north I've gone is Louisville, KY, and that was only for a year anyway…XDDD)

I've been doing art all my life, and I can say that I was born with it as a talent. Only high school and now college would help me get better at what I do. I've always loved watching anime and playing video games when I was younger, being very influenced by my cousins in Korea and things (I used to visit a lot back then), and so I guess you can call me a fan.

But get this. Though my artwork does pull from the anime-styled works of Japan, I do my best in getting inspired by things other than just anime such as history and literature. I think most “anime” artists these days don't understand how important it is to get out of the box and explore more than just the type of style they're aiming for. A lot of the greatest movies and books out there didn't just stay within their genre, but expanded to other interests to make something entirely new!

So that's basically who I am and what my purpose is. Thank you. ^^
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