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Deathfire at 5:40PM, May 20, 2008
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Here's a basic story of how this webcomic came about.

In all actuality, I didn't think I'd be making one at all. The characters in my story are my age old roleplay characters I used all the way back in early high school, so they never really had a story since I used them accordingly with my roleplay partner. But they still had an underlying theme. Most all of them were demons and were basically the misfits of society (in Hell anyways).

The “star” of my comic is Isacaria, why is he introduced first? Well, he's my first character I used in my roleplaying and thus I've grown most attached to him.

Now you guys hear me saying “roleplaying” a lot, and being a girl, I must being talking about YAOI roleplaying. Yes, I used to yaoi roleplay, BUT this webcomic is not BASED on yaoi. Though I will tell you that there will be moments between man and man (some situations I can't avoid, because I've already developed it with the character), this is not some crappy yaoi manga where they have sex every time they touch each other…>_>;

Anyway, so this was the birth of Manipulated Demonology (the title basically means that I used my characters for roleplay…just a cooler title for all of them lol). But not only to uncover what my characters were about, but this was also created to hone my sequential art skills, so that I can get better through experience, not just classes (I'm a sequential art major).

Ah, so that's all…I hope I wasn't a bore. XD
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