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Crackwalker FAQ
Moondog at 3:58PM, May 31, 2008
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There are no frequently asked questions about Crackwalker, but this here is an attempt to answer the questions I frequently ask myself.

Q. What is Crackwalker?

A. It's a comic I've been working on in one form or another for most of my adult life. I've started it about three different times. This latest time I started was around 2002.

Q. So this is old material?

A. Yes, but reformatted; sort of a director's cut. I started on a Tripod site, and then discovered Keenspace. I started a Keenspace account, and kept it going for a few years. Keenspace became ComicGenesis. My last update at ComicGenesis was about 2005.

Q. Why are you on Drunk Duck now?

A. I took a hiatus from working on Crackwalker for a few years, and when I tried to access my account again, I ran into some technical issues which I couldn't sort out. I looked around for a new home, and fell in love with Drunk Duck. I'm working on new Crackwalker material now, and want to have it all in one place.

Q. Are there any differences between what's here on Drunk Duck and what you had on ComicGenesis?

A. Yes. On CG I had each panel as a separate page. It was a bit of an experiment, and looking back, I don't think it was entirely successful. The material I'm presenting now on DD is recomposed page layouts using the original frames from my older work. I've also added in some other visual elements.

Q. Howcome your artwork is sucky sometimes and totally awesome other times?

A. I've been working on Crackwalker in evenings and weekends for years, at times when I was probably too tired or stressed from other things. But I was compelled to work on it nonetheless. As a result, the artwork is sometimes sketchy and inconsistent. Rather than apologize for this, I just accept it as a part of the process. The whole idea of Crackwalker is sort of a multilayered story within a story within a story - and the teller of the story is merged with the story and fact and fiction are blurred at times. Influences on the author that result in flaws in the work are a part of the story - a meta-story of sorts.

The point is that Crackwalker is about flawed characters living in a flawed universe - and it's a universe that I created, and I am a flawed person, and so flaws in the work are a reflection of that theme, and the process that has brought the work into creation.

That sounds flaky, but whatever. Either you're gonna like it or you're not. I'm learning as I go - my progress as a writer and as an artist is reflected in the journey of Jeff Walker, a character that is partially auto-biographical, but mostly fictional. I welcome all critiques and discussions.

Q. When is the new work going to start appearing on DD?

A. The reformatted Crackwalker pages will continue to update on Tuesdays and Fridays through to the end of 2008. The first new material will appear Jan 2009.

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