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K.A.L.A.-DAN Entrance Exam
kitty17 at 4:28PM, June 20, 2008
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K.A.L.A.-dan TEST(dun dun duuuun)

K Stage (Kitty - Identifying music and videos)

First part of the test.
Send list of references to Kitty.

List all the references you hear and see. The icons of the singers also count. The same anime can count more than once if they're more than one scene there. And then PQ them to me!

A Stage (AQua_ng - Knowledge of quotes and catchphrases)

(Send answers toAqua)

Each of these characters have a famous saying, quote or line. Your job is to PQ me their catchphrases, listing the character and anime they are from for bonus points. Bonus, bonus points for attempting the line in Japanese.

Hokay, GO!

L Stage (Liaoriao - Spotting the difference between real and pseudo animes)
(Send answers to LiaoRiao)

Also, here is my part of the test. Also also, I am ignoring the fact there is a five page gap between mine and everyone elses tests…

Animu or Nonimu?

Brilliance! Ten cropped images. Which of these are anime or and which are not, its just that simple.
If you get one wrong, I will laugh at you behind your back and make crude comments about you at the next Brigade meeting… Fufufu.
I will award bonus points if you name me the three animes with homosexual pairings… So in total, thirteen points up for grabs.

Edit: Thirteen. X_x

A Stage: The second Raid (Avalon - recognising terms and memes)
(send answers to Avalon)

1) Please explain or define the following anime-related terms.

a) Trap

b) GAR

c) Tsundere

d) Yandere


f) shittystar

g) Just as planned

2) Please complete out the following sentence appropriately. (note: there are no wrong answers, but there are right ones)

Don't like _____? What's the matter? Too _____ for you?

3) What is this girl?

4) You are told your chances of saving the day and getting the girl are next to 0%. How do you respond?

5) Inoue is a trap. Akira is a reverse trap. Akira and inoue fall in love with each other, without knowing that the other is a trap. Are they gay?

6) Caption this image appropriately:

This is the end of the test, please PQ your answers to the respected member for each section.

K.A.L.A.-dan! Moe Maid ;3
Pastel and Kitty :3
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