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—————————NicoNico Meledy————————–
++NicoNico Melody - KALA-dan Version++
+By Dragonizer, Liaoriao, Darkchibishadow, and Aqua_Ng+

Yes, let's get started!

First: an example of a solo english one.

And now an example of a group japanese one.

Now, lyrics.

1. Bring me higher and higher, endlessly, into my heart
With the techniques only you know how to use
Melt me down to nothing, Melt me down to nothing, Melt me down to nothing, Melt me down to nothing, Melt me down to nothing…

Here we go!

Bring me higher and higher, endlessly, into my heart
With the techniques that only you know to use
Melt me down to nothing
Flutters of the heart fall from grace in the middle of the swirling instincts
A dream that's only for tonight
I will dance as much as I can

2. I still remember that sunny day
Magical games we used to play
Pouring endlessly, it couldn’t possibly take these memories away
I’ll see you tomorrow, then we can say, we’re laughing and humming all of theway
Gather happiness, using togetherness
You'll find it isn't hard if you can really try
Gotta learn to chase it, gotta yearn to grasp it,
We love dreaming big, so dream, and dream, suki deshou?

3. It's konbu seaweed soup, it works like a charm
It's my tech for mixing up bonito and konbu
It's konbu seaweed soup it works like a charm
It's only bonito and konbu

4. Aa~ what to do!?
These arms I am waving high up
My beloved moon, my beloved upside down moon

5. Yanmani yanmani yanmani
Yanmani yanmani yanmani
Yanmani yanmani yanmani
That dream connects the two people
Don't follow the guide given from the star that shows you everything
And run straight up towards the door in the sky
I will go whereever the wind takes me to

6. Go quick play spell! Berserker Soul!
Berserker Soul?
Discard every card in my hand to activate it's effect,
this card let's me draw until I get something other than a Monster, and send them to the graveyard
In the mean time, a Monster with 1500 attack or less can attack an extra time!
1500 or less?! Ahhh!!! Monster Card!

7. Now it is the time to stand your ground,
Warriors of destiny,
With your swords of lightning mode strike down your enemies

8. Exiting the forest is super simple
All you have to do is follow these patterns
For the rest or you gaming life

9. Even after that infinite dream, even with those useless wings
You can still fly~ Oh my love~

10. Right now there are so many things that I don't understand
But I’m sure of my path, and all I have to do is follow it
I’ll never give a damn nor change my mind, be you friend or foe
There’s no way I'll ever let go of this hand
This is my scarlet oath

11.I can't freaking beat it down.
No matter how many times I try to fight that stupid Air Man!
Sneaked behind its back and blasted as much as I could
But he'll still blow me away with his attack
I tried my luck on the freaking time attack
But there's no point if there's that stupid Air Man!
So to make sure I'll win next time,
I'll keep that one E-tank to the very end

12. Shining eyes of bravery that revolutionary soul
I'll just keep aiming for the future forever and ever

13. Uninstall, uninstall
How the countless lives on this blue planet are essentially one
Right now, I can’t even begin to conceive
Uninstall, uninstall
I have no choice but to pretend that
I am a warrior who knows no fear. Uninstall

14. Fading contrail… We just stared on to it
It dazzled my eyes, I ran away
I will always be weak, ever since that day
I never change, I just never ever change myself
It hurts me so much, I had to go
I relentlessly let go of my hand

15. Where are you now, where are you now, what are you doing at this moment?
Are you at the other side of this wide, wide sky?
Will you keep smiling just as you always have?
That's the only thing that I can wish for you

16. I hate you, I hate you, love you
Who the hell, who the hell can't be alive without you?
Why dangit why, why the hell am I singing this!?
Why why why why Don't I miss you alot forever

17. I don’t know that kind of magic
If I tell you my feelings, I will get so screwed up
I am totally different than you
Please oh please don’t steal people’s hearts that easily, you jackass

18. I remember, I've done this before as a kid
It's a very blurry memory
With my red and white baseball cap
Nostalgia from my childhood
When we got curry for recess time
Stamped those silver spoons to my eyes
But no, I can't even recall any of that anymore
Being chased by something everyday is how I live now
The number of scenes I have missed are a thousand million, a thousand million
The season that passed by were just like graffiti
The amount of courage you have given me are a thousand million, a thousand million
The seasons that passed we just dramatic

19. That's why I'll follow you forever
Even if I never see anything but your agony
Because you shine through the darkness that has swallowed the world
Now that the future is approaching
Weakness is encroaching
But I won't let that destroy me soul
I'll do it my way, and that means I am with you
I love you so GOD BLESS

20. Just take it! At the end the one who will be laughing's gonna be me
Cuz I'm wearing a sailor uniform - conclusion
Although it’s Monday. I'm really in a bad mood, how am I supposed to take this!?
I’d rather have the summer uniform, thanks - it's so cute~

21. To all in the whole wide world
Gatchagatcha kyute It's figure art
Uh-oh one more time louder please
Let's yell it out all at once
“Figures count as 3-dimensional!”

22. All this time these twelve thousand years I know aishiteru
Eight thousand years since the time that I met you, my love grows stronger than ever before
One hundred million and two thousand years from now aishiteru
I want you to know since you came in my life
Every day every night you give light into the darkest skies

23. Pittan tanta mojipittan
Rinra ranra mojipittan
Flat chested, flat chested, flat chested girls
(Little girls, little girls, little girls)
Flat chested, flat chested, flat chested girls (wait, that one’s a boy)

24. Everybody loves nico nico douga
You can all express how you feel
By giving a little tender kiss dear

By giving a little tender kiss dear

25. Running through the sandy beach can you keep up?
I can feel you catching up to me
Kiss my lips, embrace me with both of your arms

26. OMG OMG OMG (Can somebody help me out)

27. O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?

28. Gatchagatcha kyute It's figure art
An angel has descended from the skies
Figure creators love the outside
Imaginations go BOON! your life's at stake
Gatchagatcha kyute It's figure art
Oh please~ come on~ give me more love
Polish me up! worship me!

29. You are the prince of tennis

30. We gotta call for, oh diviners

31. Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
Blanketing the countryside,
As far as you can see,
Is it a mist, or clouds?
Flowers in full blooms.

Now, call what you want to do in each of the songs. Melody, solo, back up and stuff.

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A bit of description of the roles why not.

Melody: Singing the main bit
Harmony: Sing the main bit in a different key or tone
Back up: Sings other lyrics accompanying the piece
Solo: Oh, I wonder.

Please note, that not all the melody parts will be sung in full, I will probably leave lines out for other singers. :3

1. Melody
2. Melody
3. Back up
4. Back up
5. Harmony
6. Nothing
7. Melody
8. Harmony
9. Solo! XD
10. Melody
11. Harmony
12. Nothing
13. Harmony
14. Nothing
15. Back up
16. Nothing
17. Nothing
18. Harmony
19. Nothing
20. Nothing
21. Nothing
22. Nothing
23. Nothing
24. Harmony
25. Nothing
26. Back up
27. Back up
28. Nothing
29. Melody
30. Harmony
31. Nothing

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