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valesse at 8:25AM, Sept. 3, 2008
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If anyone's reading this and you want hits to your comic is HIGHLY suggest It's free and has boosted the popularity of my comic from 996~ to 600 something… all in the space of about four days. I'm excited about it, okay! Any number drunkduck presents me with is importantly (none more important than the number of comments, however!)

The process time for is SoooOooo looooOoong. 3-4 days, pfft. It isn't like I haven't used them before. *grumble*

Anywhoo… I think I have a cold. My sister got her ailment checked out yesterday and now I'm feeling under the weather. I don't exactly have time to be sick right now though! *whine* >_<
As always, there will be an update on Thursday. I believe all I have to add to the page is more hair and final text so it should be on time as far as I know.
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