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valesse at 2:26PM, Aug. 29, 2008
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So I have the be the most scatter brained webcomic… person ever. I haven't been networking and waving my URL around! Le sigh.

So I'm putting Barguest on and maaaaybe, if I can, Tomgeeks. I'd love to be a Tomgeek, but my issue is updating uniformality– Not that it looks like much of an issue for this comic, though I'd rather wait to join so I don't have (what I consider) not my best works up for display.

Ew… I'm listening to some frat boys talking about making a party. Beerbeerbeer. So boring.

So Wednesday, huh? How does Wednesday for updating? Do many people update on Wednesday? Buinne got more than enough hits that Barguest just isn't getting and I'd like to learn why… hm hm… Or maybe the best way about going about all of this is just to UPDATE TWICE A WEEK. … my schedule doesn't allow for that, but it'd be kickass if I could, yeah? It'd definitely move the story along.

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