Oh Goodness!
valesse at 1:27PM, July 25, 2008
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Well, well! It's Corda, at last… and it seems like she didn't make a silly mistake after all. Hmm, tough luck Main-Character-Whose-Name-Has-Yet-To-Be-Revealed.

I'm going to be putting the next months comics on the little waiting list soon… hopefully the story is moving along at a ‘good-enough’ pace for you folks (I hate to bore people) but right now classes are sitting heavily on my shoulders… End of course exaaaaaams~! I've never been great with government classes and I just found out I'm on the Dean's List… and I want to -stay- there. Uggghh! Stress is being stupid and super huge and.. I wanna kick it in the face. /whine

So I've been reading manga again- How weird- specifically I'm watching and reading this “Full Metal Alchemist” for the first time. Keep in mind, I'm a bad anime fan. I don't follow series/shows/manga very avidly but simply admire art. Visa Vi, I'm a bad person.

I will still be very thankful for anyone who would like to help my pathetic website.
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