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Sorry I've been gone so long............
houseofmuses at 7:58PM, Oct. 26, 2008
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I've had a few delays in getting HOM 3 out on the stands. Over the past several months my partner and I have been taking care of a very dear friend of ours who was in the final stages of cancer. My partner was named his Power of Attorney, which created a lot more responsibility than we had ever bargained for.
On October 17, 2008 Louis Tighe passed away and we were drowned in the details of planning his funeral which took place Oct. 23rd, as well as settling his affairs. We're still a lot numbed by the loss of our friend, and I am feeling extremely burned out, mostly by the months of worrying about Louis and the emotional let-down after he passed away.
So I am feeling quite wrung out and trying to muster the energy to finish HOM 3. A lot of you have been waiting on pins and needles for this issue, and I really hate to let people down, so a million thanks to all of you for your patience during this stressful time.
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