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Comic ideas that never came to be,
LimeTH at 9:17AM, April 10, 2011
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So I figured with Chu and Kenny being eight feet under, I'd let you guys know all the stuff that could have been, but ultimately didn't. I am extremely embarrased by some of these ideas, but what the hell. I figured you guys should see them. If they sound lame to you, remember, when I thought these up when I was young and stupid.

• So first, let me tell you the idea for the finale I was going to give you. It's revealed that Osaka and Sakaki came to the setting of the comic looking for Chiyo-Chan, and after being given a call by the real Chiyo, would travel back to Japan on too short notice to let any of their friends know. After finding out, Chu, Kenny, Yuki, Meowth and GIR attempt to keep them from leaving, but are too late, and try to board the plane before it leaves by stowing away. As it turns out, they stowed away on the wrong plane, sending them on a world-spanning chase to get to Japan. Meanwhile, hot on their heels is Jamjars, who meets several of his cultural counterparts, and ends up saving the day in the end by inadveratley showing the gang where Osaka is when they reach Japan. They just follow the sound of the AWW FUCKs. Sadly, Osaka and Sakaki cant go back with them, and the group goes back to America, defeated and depressed. A montage shows Kenny and Osaka missing each other. After a while, they eventually do come back, bring Chiyo-Chan along with them.

• Meowth was going to have a separte subplot in Chuniverse, which is why he makes so many cameos throughout. Meowth would grow jealous of the affection Sakaki gives Mayaa and would try to get rid of him or get Sakaki to turn her attention away from him. In the process he would have fallen into the chasm Kenny jumps over, been sent flying back into space (You can see a red streak in one panel when everything goes back to normal. Thats Meowth.), and strike the debris Jamjars was on at the end of Stupor Hero, sending them both back to Earth.

• Another idea I had was that part of the reason the universe was begining to unravel was not just because Kenny started to hate Osaka, but also because after the events of comic 100, the Earth was in peices to begin with.

• Eurochu was going to clone Kenny and make an evil Kenny to be his sidekick. He was going to be vaugely anime styled, as a satire on anime styled South Park fanarts. This Kenny would be exactly like the original, only evil. He would also get a crush on Osaka, and in true villain fashion, would try to kidnap her a few times. Also, as he is a satire of anime, he would randomly gain new powers every time he would show up. My development name for him was Anime Kenny, or AK.

• Marvin the Martian would have been a reoccouring villain.

• Yuki would have become a primary main character. During the aforementioned Meowth Chuniverse subplot, there would have been a flashback to Comic 100, where Yuki is walking around, wearing glasses. She gets hit in the face with a peice of debris after the first explosion, breaking her glasses.

• There may or may not have been plans to make Chu and Yuki the Beta Couple… that admittedly would have been weird.

• One idea I had was basically Chu and Kenny The Movie. Eurochu would trick Chu and Kenny into destroying the city, getting them run out of town, so they would be unable to stop Eurochu's latest plot, in which he succeeds and forces the townspeople to rebuild the city in his image. Osaka and GIR go to find them after Yuki is captured by Euro to prevent her from using her powers to put things back to normal. Eurochu catches word of this and tries to prevent their return. The gang is helped back into town by Lala and Wheezy who escaped. Meanwhile, Meowth finally gets rid of Mayaa when Eurochu calls for all the animals to be captured and brought to him, and Meowth tricks Mayaa into getting captured after Sakaki locks him away to prevent that very thing from happening. This comes back to bite Meowth on the ass when it results in him and Sakaki getting captured themselves and forced to work, and when Meowth lets loose that he caused Mayaa's capture, Sakaki would begin to resent Meowth. The climax has the entire cast, Chu, Kenny, Osaka, Meowth, Sakaki, Yuki, GIR, Lala and Wheezy all setting up a plan to take Eurochu down, GIR and Girkashi revealed to be seperate people (or are they?) Kenny's hood coming off, resulting in Osaka finding out he isnt Chiyo Chan, The Soda Machine being in on the plot and attempting to kill Kenny (that bastard!), Chu pulling a Disney Death, Kenny confessing his crush to Osaka, and Meowth redeming himself to Sakaki by saving Mayaa and all the other captured animals. Eurochu is defeated and everything is happy. Yayyyy.

• There was going to be an overarching time travel plot involving several characters getting their hands on the same time machine and ending up affecting events during the first storyline (Love of Death) and other comics, and explaining a few events, gags and even giving the origin of a character. It would have begun with a backstory showing how Wall-E ended up in the present, by stumbling upon a prototype BnL portable time machine while helping the humans clean up the rest of the Earth. Wall-E would have been sent directly to the comic where he first appeared and would wander around, explaining all his cameos within the story. Later on, he would meet Yotsuba. Wall-E would also leave distress signals around using his laser, explaining the “WALL-E IS HERE” graffiti running gag.

• Meowth steals the portable time machine from Wall-E, and uses it to go to the past to fix all the rotten things that have happened in his life, only to end up causing them himself. He would attempt to keep Ash from getting Pikachu by getting him first, but ends up taking the last pokemon Oak has, thus leading Ash to get Pikachu. Continuing his rivaly with Mayaa, he would also attempt to keep Mayaa and Sakaki from meeting. Meowth would end up falling from a tree, directly behind the baby Mayaa, spooking him and sending him running to where Sakaki is.

• Yuki takes the time machine from Meowth, and decides to study it. Jamjars appears and tries to take it, and the resulting struggle ends up sending them both to the Monopoly Comic-Love of Death time period, where two Jamjarses are now running around, explaining how he could effectivley be anywhere during that time. Yuki has to find the right Jamjars and get back to the present without affecting the past, which becomes easier towards the end when she finds out the machine has a cloaking device on it, rendering the user invisible.

• Anime Kenny gains time traveling powers and goes back in time to keep Kenny and Osaka from ever meeting. Chu takes the time machine from Yuki and follows in pursuit, but is too late, and AK meets her first. Chu goes back to the present, and finds out somehow AK has turned it into a dystopia where he rules as a dicator, with Osaka as his queen. Chu would set things right in the present, then go back to the past and using the cloaking device, would push past Osaka to make her drop her book and bend over to pick it up, so that Kenny sees her butt and begins to like her.

• The final time travel story would also have been the at the time of planning grand finale of Chu and Kenny, showing a scene from the future where Girkashi attempts to stop a global takeover by Disney and is killed in the process. In the present day, the present versions of the cast are invoulntarily taken to the future to help overthrow the Disney empire, led by the Future Eurochu, who became the new CEO of Disney, and Miley Cyrus. The characters would be futuristic looking and have formed an underground rebelion against Eurochu and Cyrus, reprogramming GIR to be more like the late Girkashi. The final scene would show GIR using the same exact time machine to send him and an attacking D-bot to another point in time. The D-bot is sent to the Comic 100 time period, and knocks a comet out of orbit, right on top of Eurochu's robot. GIR would be sent to the time period before Girkashi's debut, becoming Girkashi, meaning that there are two GIRs. One is the regular GIR who will become Girkashi, the other is the GIR from the future who becomes Girkashi and is killed in the Disney takeover. This puts Girkashi into an endless paradox loop. Oh, and they overthrow Eurochu and win. Happy ending.

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