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General Information - creation
gurukitty at 9:20AM, Jan. 26, 2009
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Heres a bit of general information on how I create the comic.

The first chapter was inked with indian ink using quill nibs and coloured in Photoshop by a friend of mine, Aun-juli.
That process proved to be too time consuming and updating was a major issue, so I decided to simplify.

Starting with Chapter 2 I know do everything by myself. Chapter 2 is watercoloured traditionally and I use Sakura Microns to ink. I use Microns because they are acid free/archival, waterproof, durable and cheap. I can watercolour over the ink lines with no bleeding.

I draw the comic on Canson Comic board and ink it using a light table onto watercolour paper. This gives me a clean finished page, because I am a messy sketcher.

Hope that answers a lot of questions I've gotten :)
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