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What in the world?! (questions about the WUSA-verse)
Indybot at 9:08AM, March 29, 2009
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In this comic, the environment is almost as much of a character as any of the people. And while I may have intended for the world of Whateverland to be open-ended and flexible, a lot of thought and detail still went into the world-building process. Sure, you'll get to know the W.U.S.A.-verse better over time, but there's plenty of fluff that may or may not ever show up in the comic proper. So if you're curious about what life in Whateverland would hypothetically be like for you or one of your characters, or just plain curious in general, ask away! I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

- I reserve the right to not answer any questions that concern spoilers -
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