How to play

How to play
NightOwl35 at 4:01PM, July 14, 2009
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These are old rules from a comic on smackjeeves, known as “Sonic Card Battlers: World Tournament”. It was an author comic and failed horribly. But, the rules still stand.
- Battlers can have up to 40 cards in their decks
- Battlers start out with 100 HP
- Battler has 20 atk and def
- Battlers switch between who goes next (IE: 1,2,1,2,1,2…)
- Up to 4 battlers can battle at one time
- A battler loses if they forfiet (give up) or lose all of their HP
- Battlers can buy cards from a shop
- Battlers get money from winning battles
- Money is known as “tonkons”
- copper tonkon = 2 gold
- silver tonkon = 5 gold
- gold tonkon = 10 gold
- red tonkon = 20 gold
- blue tonkon = 30 gold
- Gold is used to buy cards from shops
- Battlers can trade tonkons for gold at any shop
- Only 1 character can be played per battler's turn
- Battlers can play any amount of item/field cards during their turn
- Both battlers and characters can attack once per turn
- Opponent can't attack on battlers turn
- Standing, running, extrem-gear, grinding, snow-boarding, motorcycle are just a few types of battles
All rules subject to change at any time.
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