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harkovast at 10:17AM, Nov. 9, 2010
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To the tune of “where is the love” by the black eyed peas.

What's wrong with the duck, Kevin?
Comics read like people don't give a fuck, Kevin!
I think the whole ducks addicted to sprite comics
reusing 16 bit designs of sonic
All the good comics stop updating
While the shitty ones just keep creating
when the artist cant draw, writing starts to bore
racism, sexism and a whole lot more.
But if you go look in the comments section
these piles of shit get nothing but love and affection
And they keep growing like an infection
The comic rankings really need some dissection!
yeah they fill up the top ten every day
same offenders just wont go away
Its up to me and kev to set them straight
Make them stop before it is too late
maybe make something that we don't hate
Cause they suck y'all.

Though the authors may be crying
Hark and Kev will not start lying
If your comic sucks an ass
we will not give you a pass
You can go bitch on the forum,
but we just don't give a fuck
Cause your comics got us wondering…
Why do you suck?
Why do you suck?
Why do you suck?
Why do you suck?
You suck
You suck!

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Genejoke at 2:25PM, Nov. 20, 2010
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Hah you couldn't have picked a worse/better song to put it to. Black eyed peas suck more than almost all of the comics you have reviewed.
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