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Salt the Holly
ifelldownthestairs at 6:52PM, Sept. 3, 2010
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We both thought it was heavily flawed, but with good qualities buried underneath and an ever-improving art. What about you guys?
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Byth1 at 10:01AM, Sept. 5, 2010
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I could see what you mean, I didn't know what this comic was about. The writing not great but the art improved to the point where I accually like the art(at least the way it is now).

Not my cup of tea. But not bad either.
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Plague Doctor at 1:48PM, Sept. 14, 2010
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Not many people here
Well,it is a pretty big archive with a storyline,so it would be really hard to comment if we hadn't read decent amount of it (I admire you guys for that)
I wasn't too fond of the both artstyles.Both could use shading,backgrounds and better anatomy.
It looks very flat at times,even most rudimental shading would be drastic improvement.

But it is indeed confusing to read,maybe a pacing issues,or the art should get a better crasp at motion scenes.
I didn't really find it interesting,but there wasn't anything bad about it,guess it's just not my thing.
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