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No Talent
ifelldownthestairs at 10:35PM, Aug. 5, 2010
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We both thought this one was pretty bad, up until the latest strips, which are a staggering improvement, and shows a great deal of promise. What do you think?
you know why birds don't write their memoirs? because birds don't lead epic lives, that's why. who'd want to read what a bird does? nobody. that's who.
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TheFlyingGreenMonkey at 11:10PM, Aug. 5, 2010
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I thought it was okay.

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harkovast at 3:21AM, Aug. 6, 2010
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I would serious suggest just deleting the old archive and just continuing from the few new strips.
Go through and redo some of the good ideas from the archive? Sure, but there is no need to have a hundred pages of filler driving people away before they get chance to read the good stuff.

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Salsa at 8:49AM, Aug. 6, 2010
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I kinda feel like No Talent was started much the same way DoaMP was. A way to practice telling a joke. (although not every page has a joke on it)

While I believe that you do hit the points of why the older material is not as good i like it and believe that there are some strips that are funny and most give me a good chuckle. Now I just gotta wait a year before you guys review DoaMP.
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Larry at 6:06PM, Aug. 10, 2010
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The tension in this topic is dewy-sweet.
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