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Chem-Lon (the Lizard Lady)
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In the RPG, I came up with the name Chemlon for the character because it sounded like "Chameleon," which I didn't want to use because it had been done so many times before.  Initially, there was nothing more to the story; That was his name and that was it.
Years later, when I was working on the script, I decided that there needed to be a little more depth to the story, so I came up with the idea that he wasn't called Chemlon, but that was the name of the research project that created him.  I changed the name to "Chem-Lon" which ended up becoming an abbreviation for "Chemical Longevity Project."  It was around this time that I also decided to change the character to a female because it gave me more options with the story.  I kept these changes in place for the comic version.
Although no one at Walsh refers to her as Chem-Lon, the media eventually uses that name for her because she doesn't really have any other.  Dr. Westin and her team usually refer to her as "our guest" or "our special friend."
Early on, Chem-Lon had more of a humanoid body and thick armored scales.  As the script went on, I realized that I had crammed too many abilities into the character (if she looked human and could change her skin color, she could blend in with other people.  Armored scales = bullet proof) and removed those two traits from the character.
I always envisioned her looking like a human being (except for the tail) with the skin of a dinosaur.  I know that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than reptiles, but cut me some slack.
So for the comic, I made her look basically like a humanoid dinosaur.  She has scaly skin, but not the armored plating and her face is distinctly reptilian looking.  The skin colors and pattern were chosen only because they looked good at the time and I haven't come across anything I've liked better in the 15 odd years since I drew the first concept of the character.
Her role in the comic is basically that of the villain.  She's out for revenge against Walsh and Dr. Westin for the murder of her unborn offspring.
Of all the villains I've created for this comic/script/RPG, Chem-Lon's themes are robably the most obvious.  She's a warning about man's meddling with life and genetic engineering. She's also sort of a cautionary tale about the price of progress and the moral and ethical responsibilities a corporation has to the people they employ and society as a whole.

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