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Hockey vs Ringette
puckhogg4 at 1:28PM, Feb. 14, 2010
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So we had a pretty crappy hockey team. The guys were a great bunch, but for some reason we didn't click very often on the ice. Anyway, the coach set up an exhibition game with the equivalent aged ringette team. They were Provincial Champions.

The game actually went back and forth pretty well and the game was winding down. I remember my brother's winger was coming off, so he jumps the boards to replace him and heads right at a girl who was carrying the ring. Because ringette is a non-contact sport, she did not expect my brother to drop his shoulder (natural reaction!!) and DRILLED her right at centre ice!!! Her stick and gloves went flying! It was an amazing hit, but kinda funny at the same time (the girl was OK!!)
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