Who wants to be a midget?

CGCrimson Mode at 10:33AM, April 22, 2010
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CGCM, a Chaos Gallantmon

He is the digimon version of Batman, being a hero whenever needed, he has a whole team of allies to assist his one goal: Protect the World from Evil

When not being a hero he is a BlackGuilmon who no-one suspects (until maybe, revealed)

i dont have art of him but this is what he looks like unchibified:


His allies are (Unchibified):


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Nako at 4:15PM, April 22, 2010
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Hm, I'm suddenly having second thoughts about having original characters only… But then, I thought, “Hey, this is DrunkDuck Chibified. So, if this guy is in DD, then it's in.”

Good for you, I'm a fan of Digimon. =^_^=
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