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What to include in your thread
Nako at 2:12AM, April 16, 2010
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Okay, if you want to join this community project, it's simple. Just create a thread with these pieces of info.

- Character(s) to be included

They have to be from a comic of yours (or if you're working with someone else, make sure your partner(s) agree to let the character(s) join). Yeah, and they can be from any genre.

Include a full picture of the character(s) for easy drawing reference (sometimes it's really hard to look for a decent picture in the comic itself), and if there could be a short bio as well, it will help.

- Other contributions

This is actually optional, but if you can help with the art, story, etc. then just tell us what else you can do.

That's pretty much it. =^_^=
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