Repeat to Fade

Ahro at 12:24PM, Sept. 7, 2010
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Hello! Welcome to the Snake/Otacon fan comic, “Repeat to Fade”! The comic is still in it's early stages of development but the story is complete! The comic is actually an adaptation of the fanfiction by Lucia Zephyr. The story is complete and you can read it right now at: Repeat to Fade Fanfiction *Warning Rated M*. So, by all means, check out the story! Hopefully after reading it you'll see my views in how such a great story can be turned into a comic. I hope you enjoy Lucia's story as well as stick around to see updates of the comic as it comes to life. :)

Updates can also be found at my deviantART at
Artist of Repeat to Fade - A MGS Fan Comic
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