The World is Not So Black and White (Versions)

The World is Not So Black and White (Versions)
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This thread is going to be chronicling my journey though Unova in Pokemon Black AND White (Yes, I intend to play both versions). It will chronicle the path of both of the protagonists as the strive for the League Championship. The format will be a combination of narrative and conversations between the characters.

The journey begins this Sunday!
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The First Steps

It started as a beautiful Autumn Day in Nuvema Town when Professor Juniper, the local Pokemon expert, dropped off a package at someone's house.

We join Laura, a resident of the house who lives with her mother, in her room.
She is joined with two of her best friends, Cheren and Bianca. Cheren is level-headed while Bianca is more carefree.

They opened the package and it contained three occupied Pokeballs, one had a Snivy, another had a Tepig and the final had an Oshawott. Having a fascination with reptiles, Laura picked the Snivy (male). Cheren and Bianca then chose the Tepig and Oshawott, respectively.

Bianca then challenged Laura to a battle out sheer excitement. After a rather short battle, Laura came out on top. But as a result of the battle, her room was nearly destroyed (Her Wii being the only undamaged item).

Cheren chastised Bianca for her reckless actions, but Bianca just brushed it aside, suggesting he battle Laura as well. Deciding that having as second battle in the very same room couldn't make the situation worse, he obliged. Both Tepig and Snivy had a hard-fought battle, but Snivy barely eked out a second win.

After the battle, the trio decided to go to Juniper's lab to thank her for the new Pokemon. As they left Laura's house, they apologized to Laura's mother for the commotion and promised to clean up. Instead of getting angry for the damages, she just smiled and said she'll clean up the mess while they go on their adventure.


Laura was then given a CrossTransceiver (XTransceiver) from her mother for her journey.

As Laura stepped out of her house, Cheren went straight of the lab while Bianca went to her house. Confused as to why she went home, Laura followed her where Bianca had a “minor” falling out with her father and left for the lab.

Back at the lab, they approached Juniper and thanked her. Juniper suggested that the trio give a nickname for their Pokemon. Only Laura bothered to give her Snivy a name. Being a fan of the Flying Circus, she named her Pokemon “Monty.” Juniper then told them to meet her on Route 1 for a lesson in catching wild Pokemon and stepped out of the lab.

As the three young trainers left the lab, Laura's mother stopped by to give them each a Town Map and wished them luck on their journeys.

Just before Route 1, Bianca said that she, Laura and Cheren should take their first step of their journey together and met up with Juniper, who demonstrated catching Pokemon using her Mincinno against a Patrat. After the demo, she told the trio to meet her in Accumula Town.

Bianca then had an idea to have a contest to see who had more Pokemon in their possession by the end of the route.

After stumbling around for a bit, Monty got a little stronger and Laura caught two more Pokemon, a Patrat named “Norris” and a Lillipup dubbed “Rex.” She then caught up with her friends and found out that she had won the contest and the three of them went to see the Prof. in front of the Pokemon Center.

Inside Prof. Juniper explained the services offered in the establishment and returned to the lab. Before she did, she pulled Laura aside and introduced her to a young man.

Laura (L): Who is this?

Prof. Juniper (P): This is Jeff. He traveled in Sinnoh, Johto, and Kanto. He wants to see Unova, and I decided to have you act as his guide.

L: Does he have a Pokemon here now?

Jeff (J): I do, thanks to the Prof. My starter in this region is my Tepig (female), Pyro Pigulon (PyrPigulon), and I caught a Patrat (Teri) and a Lillipup (Connor).

L: Lemme guess, you're a Invader Zim fan…?

J: That obvious, eh?

P: I can tell the two of you are going to be good friends! I've got to get back to the lab now… Bye!

*exit Prof. Juniper*

L: I don't know about you, but I don't like being volunteered like this.

J: You're telling me… She told me that I was to act as your tutor!

L: Nuts to that! Best way to learn is via trial and error!

J: Same here… Just get lost long enough and you end up somewhere awesome! But the Prof. Juniper wants us traveling together for some reason, so let's do this to satiate her.

L: Might as well…

As the duo head out, they heard a commotion coming from the town square. They went to investigate and saw a group calling themselves “Team Plasma,” preaching a message similar to that of PETA.

After the rally, a young man named “N” approached the two trainers claiming that he can hear their voices. He challenged both of them using Purrlions. They both fell to Pyro Pigulon and Monty. After that, N left, astonished that ‘Pokemon could say such things…’

Jeff and Laura just glanced each other with a confused look.

To be continued…
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Gym Number One

We last left Jeff and Laura giving each other confused looks after hearing nigh- cryptic messages from a trainer known only as N.

Deciding they spent enough time in Accumula City, they left to head toward Striaton City via Route 2. Along the way, they fought a few trainers and caught a Purrloin each (Jeff's is called Tigger and Laura's is named Gary).

Just before Striaton City limits, Bianca called Laura and challenged her to a battle. Monty single-handedly defeated Bianca's Lillipup and Oshawott. After the battle, Bianca left to train some more.

J: You know what? I think we should do the same!

L: I suppose it couldn't hurt… What would be a good cut-off point?

J: I'd say about level 12 for each of our Pokemon.

L: EACH!? That take hours!

J: Yes, but our chances of winning would only increase.

L: Okay, fine…

An hour and a half passed for them to raise all of their Pokemon to get to the cut-off point. During training in the Dreamyard, they encountered someone who was unreasonably enthusiastic about giving away two monkey-like Pokemon. Jeff and Laura happily accepted them (Jeff got a Pansage he dubbed “Weed Chimp,” and Laura took a Panpour she calls “The Drizzle” ).

L: What do you think he meant by “horrible curse?”

J: No clue…

New Pokemon in hand, they decided to to take on the gym. However, as soon as they reached it, they were informed that the Gym Leader was in the Academy next door to the Pokemon Center.

In the Academy, Laura spotted Cheren who then challenged her to a battle. In a joint effort of Monty and Gary, she defeated Tepig and Purrloin with no problems.

Cheren then informed the duo that they had just missed the gym leader and he is back in the gym.

L: Wait, how the HELL did we miss him? We were JUST at the gym and he wasn't there!

J: I dunno… Back door…?

L: Does it LOOK like there is a back door in this building?

J: Okay… How about parkour…? Quite a few gym leaders have similar hobbies…

L: Yeah.. These random guesses are getting us no closer to the gym. Let's just go and challenge him.

As they entered the gym, they noticed that the layout was similar to that of a 4-star restaurant. The two trainers were seated and were treated to a three-course meal of battles. The first two were waiters and waitresses.

As for the main course, they were given a serving of Badge Challenge, made custom for each trainer according to each one's starter.

Jeff's dish had a citrus-y tang that came from battling Cress' Lillipup and Panpour that was perfectly balanced by Weed Chimp's bitter bite.

Laura was treated to a spicy helping of Chili's Lillipup and Pansear and cleansed her palatte with the sweet combination of Rex and The Drizzle.

The main course finished, Chili and Cress gave the two victors the Triple Badge and stuck them both with a tremendous bill.


Chili: True, but such premium services are not free…

J: Bullshit! What are you trying to pull? I know full well that gym leaders are given large monthly checks from the Pokemon League!

Cress: Quite right… But due to some loophole, the league classified us as only one gym leader. So unless you have some influence in the Unova Pokemon League, I'm afraid you're stuck with the bill.

L: Seriously!? We can't afford this! We wouldn't have enough money to restock before going to the next city!

Chili: In that case, we might arrange something…

And thus our heroes were stuck washing the dishes throughout the night.

L: How the hell are there this many dishes? This place usually reports almost no customers a day!

J: F**k if I know…

To be continued…
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The Problem With Plasma

Exhausted from a long night of washing dishes, Laura and Jeff leave to get a good day's sleep.

However, as soon as they stepped out of the gym, a woman called to both of them. She introduced herself as Fennel, an old friend of Prof. Junipers' from college. She took the two to her apartment where she asked them to go to the Dreamyard in order to gather Dream Mist from a Munna. Reluctantly, they agreed and Fennel gave them each a HM01(Cut) so they could access the habitat of the Munna.

At the Dreamyard, the trainers each taught one Pokemon Cut (Jeff's Weed Chimp and Laura's Gary) and chopped down trees blocking the path.

As they did, Bianca joined them to explore the dilapidated structure in front of them. Inside the ruins, they heard a peculiar cry and decided to investigate.

Further in, they found a small hovering creature, a Munna.

As they approached, two figures appeared and surrounded the Munna and started assaulting it.

J: Whoa-whoa! The f**k are you doing!?

Plasma Grunt #1: We need Dream Mist and we heard that Munna produce such a substance.

L: Exactly why do you need it?

Plasma Grunt #2: We need Dream Mist in order to enter peoples' dreams in to convince them to liberate Pokemon. On that note, we need to liberate your Pokemon as well

Both grunts attack the trainers, but are easily defeated.

Despite their defeat, they resume attacking the helpless Munna.

But at that moment, the man who delivered the speech in Accumula City, Ghetis, appeared out of nowhere, spooked the Plasma Grunts and promptly vanished.

As soon as the grunts ran off, another hovering Pokemon appeared - Munna evolution, Musharna. Fennel then ran in anxious to see a Munna. Munna and Musharna left at that time, leaving behind some Dream Mist as thanks.

Fennel returned home and Bianca wanted the duo to go on ahead of her to talk with fennel to look for Munna and Musharna.

J: Actually, I think I'll stay as well to look for a Munna as well.

L: Hey! Don't exclude me from the fun! I want one, too!

*Short hunt for Munna Jeff's was named “Sandman” and Laura's “Lilith”*

They went back to Fennel's apartment and each received a C-Gear, a device that trainers could interact with each others' subconscious or something… *shrug*

After a well-deserved sleep, the left for Nacrene city via Route 3. Along the way, they came across a Day Care center. There, they battled some toddlers playing with the elemental monkeys. They were all defeated but had fun.

Continuing along Route 3, Cheren ran up and challenged Laura to a battle since he got the Triple Badge. His team didn't change much, but were at a higher level, and lost all the same.

Afterwards, two Plasma Grunts ran by followed closely by Bianca and a small girl. Apparently, the two grunts stole the girl's Pokemon and ran off. Cheren, Laura and Jeff went in pursuit to retrieve the stolen Pokemon and cornered them at the Wellspring Cave.

But there were not two, but four grunts hiding in the cave. After three short battles, the grunts handed back the Pokemon and ran off.

While in the cave they decided to catch a few Pokemon. Jeff got a Roggenrola named Pebbles, and Laura got a Woobat and Roggenrola named Derp and Adrian respectively.

After returning the stolen Pokemon, Laura and Jeff continued on to Nacrene City, battling trainers and catching Pidoves (Jeff's Pesto and Laura's Squit)

Once they entered Nacrene City, they went to the Pokemon Center to rest.

To be continued…
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Heist at the Museum

Since we last left our duo, they've done a lot of training and changed up their line-up.

Pyro Pigulon evolved into a Pignite (Fire/Fighting now) and Jeff replaced Connor and Teri with Pesto and Pebbles. He later caught a Tympole (Typmani), Blitzle (Zapbra), Petilil (Lily), Sewaddle (Nommy), Venipede (Legs).

As for Laura's team, Monty evolved into Servine and Rex and Norris was replaced with Derp and Adrian. She later caught a Venipede (Cents), Timburr (Clubba), Sawk (Neo) - who replaced Lilith, and Audion (Oto).

They then decided to go after the second badge, located in the back of the Nacrene Museum.

Just before they entered the museum, N came out and challenged the two. His Pidoves, Timburrs and Tympoles proved no match for Jeff's and Laura's higher-level teams. After the defeat, N walked off, muttering to himself.

J: What the heck is Reshiram?

L: What are you talking about!? He clearly said Zekrom!

*Ten minute debate ensues and concludes*

As the entered the museum, Laura pointed out a large fossilized skeleton of a dragon-type Pokemon that Jeff identified as a Dragonite.

L: Nerd…

J: And proud of it!

A guide lead them to the gym.

Laura went through the gym first with Neo rather easily. However facing Lenore, the gym leader and curator of the museum, Neo fell to Lenore's Watchog right after taking down her Herdier. Adrian stepped in, blinded, and defeated it with no problem.

Afterwards, Jeff swept the gym with Pyro Pigulon, and won the gym leader challenge, barely surviving the Watchog's Retaliate.

After the two trainers received the Basic Badge, Lenore's husband ran in saying Team Plasma is trying to steal some bones from the museum.

As soon as they reached the main part of the museum, they were too late. Team Plasma stole the skull of the fossil and disappeared in a shroud of smoke. Lenore, Laura and Jeff went off in pursuit.

Just outside, a man approached them. Lenore recognized him as Burgh, the gym leader of Castelia City. Lenore informed Burgh of recent events. Cheren and Bianca then came on the scene, wondering what was going on. Lenore told them to protect the museum while Burgh, Laura and Jeff headed west to the Pinwheel Forest and Lenore went east.

In the Pinwheel Forest, Burgh continued the chase on the main path while Jeff and Laura ran off into the scenic route.

J: Dear lord! These assholes are much more active than Galactic and Rocket!

L: Who and what now?

J: A couple of criminal organizations that I took out of the picture in Sinnoh and Johto, respectively.

As the ran down this winding road, they faced off several grunts until they caught up with the guy who had the skull.

After defeating him, an older man, identifying himself as one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma, walked up to the grunt to inform him that he just wasted a bunch of time for no reason. Upon hearing about how tough we were, he decided that we were too big of a threat to be let alone.

At that point Lenore and Burgh appeared and the Sage left.

Laura and Jeff then went to the Pokemon Center after a long day.

To be continued…
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Bugs in the Big City

Jeff and Laura left Nacrene City towards Castelia City via the Pinwheel Forest. They followed the main route of the forest and came across a large bridge, the Skyarrow Bridge. They crossed it on the foot path and took their first steps in the largest city in the world (at the time of writing), Castelia.

While there, they helped someone put together a dance group and got an Amulet Coin for their efforts.

They then paid a visit to the Battle Company, got some decent experience for their Pokemon (Jeff's Pesto evolved into a Tranquil) and received the always-welcome Exp. Share.

They then decided it was time to challenge the gym. As they approached, Cheren exited the building, boasting that he had already beat the gym and left.

The gym's leader, Burgh, then came out saying someone's Pokemon had been stolen by Team Plasma.

They followed Burgh to the Prime Pier to see Bianca with another girl, Iris. Evidently, Bianca was the victim of the theft, with her Munna stolen from her.

Burgh called for a search for Team Plasma (that didn't last long since they were just across the street from the gym).

After frighting some grunts, Bianca's Munna was returned to her and she and Iris went out to train.

Jeff and Laura were finally able to challenge the gym for a badge.

Jeff swept the gym with Pebbles. He only switched to Pesto and Pyro Pigulon at the gym leader for variation.

Laura's Derp had little trouble with this gym as well. It only fell to Burgh's Leavanny, which was easily disposed by Adrian.

With the Insect Badge in their cases, they left the gym when Bianca called for a rematch with Laura.

To be continued…
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Blistering Sands and Bolts

As Laura and Jeff headed toward Nimbasa City for their fourth badge, Bianca was waiting at the gate to Route 4 for the rematch she called for.

Bianca did indeed train hard, as well as caught some new Pokemon. Along with her newly-evolved Dewott, she now has a Pidove, the Munna from earlier, and a newly-evolved Herdier. The battle did last longer than anticipated, but in the end, Bianca still lost.

Defeated, but not discouraged, she left to train more.

As soon as the two trainers stepped out of the gate into Route 4, they found themselves being whipped by sand-clogged wind. As they stumbled through the sandstorm, they ran into Cheren, who also decided to have a rematch with Laura.

Cheren was busy training and catching as well, with his Tepig, now a Pignite and his newly-evolved Leipard along with a Panpour and a Pidove of his own.

After Laura defeated Cheren, he left, perplexed as to why he keeps on losing to her.

As Laura and Jeff continued down Route 4, they dicided to expand their Pokedex. Jeff and Laura both caught a Sandile (Clamps and Bindi), a Dwebble (Hermie and Low Rent), a Darumaka (Balloflame and Darmha), a Scraggy (Ms. Pants and No Belt), and a Sigilyph (Heira and Glyph). Jeff caught a Yamask (Cleopatra) and Laura caught a Maractus (Saguara).

Jeff had Sandman replaced with Clamps. Laura followed suit except replacing Gary for Bindi.

As they trained, Adrian and Pebbles both evolved into Boldores and became absolute beasts!

Whale moving around the desert, they came across some ruins and were curious and decided to take a look. Inside, they saw a woman struggling with some fossils. They helped her out and got a fossil each for their efforts (Jeff got the Plume Fossil and Laura took the Dome Fossil).

After lots of training, they decided to go to the next gym. As they went into Nimbasa City, they met up with Professor Juniper who gave them some Ultra Balls to remind them to fill the Pokedex.

After the gate, they spotted a couple of Plasma Grunts hassling an old man. A short battle scared them off (they ran to the amusement park in the city) and the old man, who is the guy in charge of the Route 3 Pokemon Day Care Center gave them bikes as thanks. :)

Jeff and Laura followed the grunts to amusement park where the encountered N again. N offered to help look for the grunts and decided that the ferris wheel was a good way to spot them.

Inside the car, N started talking.

N: I must first tell you this… I am the king of Team Plasma

J & L: What!?

J: Where the f**k did THAT come from?

N: Never mind th-

L: “Never mind…?” You volunteered dangerous information without any provocation! That's pretty stupid if you ask me.

N: I tell you this because your goals are in direct competition to mine! Ya happy! *ahem* With the power Reshiram/Zekrom and the crown of League Championship, Team Plasma's dream will come true.

J: That doesn't make a lick of sense…

N: Makes sense to me and that's all that matters…

Grunts from earlier: Lord N! Are you okay, sire!?

N: I am fine… Return to base… Now as for you two, I have to give time for my friends to escape so we must battle. If I win, then more Pokemon would be liberated. But if I lose, I still would have given enough of a distraction for them to escape.

N took both trainers on at the same time, using a Sandile, a Darumaka, a Scraggy, and a Sigilyph. The battle lasted a very short time, but sure enough, the grunts had long gone.

At that point Laura and Jeff decided to challenge the gym.

Laura faced off against Elesa, the gym leader of Nimbasa City. She had a pretty easy time at first, using Bindi (with Rock Tomb and the Moxie ability) to take down one of her two Emolgas but fell to the second. She used Adrian for a good portion of the fight, with Elesa's Emolga and Zebstrika continuously using Volt Change to switch back and forth until the Emolga finally fell. The Zebstrika took down Adrian, leaving Monty as the only able-bodied Pokemon to fight. After a barrage of Mega Drains, Zebstrika lost the battle and Laura claimed the Bolt Badge.

Jeff then took his turn and had a simpler time with Clamps having the Intimidate ability, softenning the bows of the first Emolga and severely damaging the second before falling. Pebbles stepped in and the Emolga used Volt Switch to Zebstrika which had Jeff switch to Pryo Pigulon, who dominated the already slightly weakened Pokemon along with the Emolga, earning Jeff his Bolt Badge.

Elesa told them to go to Driftveil City, the location of the next gym. However, they would not be able to get there on their own, so she told them to meet at Route 5.

To be continued…
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Cold, Cold Ground

After healing up at the Pokemon Center, Jeff and Laura headed towards Route 5 to meet up with Elesa.

Once they exited the gate, Cheren ran out and challenged Laura once again.

J: Well, he's nothing if not competitive…

Cheren threw everything he had at her, though only his party had leveled up.

After the battle, Bindi and Clamps evolved into Krokoroks at the same time.

After Laura won, Elesa saw the two trainers noting that battle is a great way for trainers to bond. As they headed west, a man called to Elesa. She introduced him as Alder, the Unova League Champion.

He asked the three trainers about their motives for pursuing championship. Cheren immediately answered to be the most powerful trainer.

Alder then asked “What then…?”

This put Laura and Jeff deep into thought. Cheren continued with blunt not-well-thought-out answers.

Alder called two kids over and they asked to battle the older trainers. Cheren and Laura obliged.

The young children had a pair of Herdiers fight Bindi and Cheren's Leipard and lost, but they had fun nonetheless.

Afterwards the group continued west and reached a drawbridge that is opened for ships. Elesa pressed a button on her bluetooth and told the person on the other end to lower the bridge for two new challengers.

Once the bridge was capable of supporting foot traffic, the three trainers traversed the bridge and entered the limits of Driftveil City.

As soon as they crossed the bridge, the gym leader Clay met them with a scowl on his face. Apparently, Clay had captured a number of Team Plasma members who had escaped when Clay went to lower the drawbridge. He said that if the trainers helped find the escapees, he would allow them to challenge them.

Jeff, Laura and Cheren went to the southern part of the city known as “Cold Storage” and eventually found a number of Team Plasma members as well as one of the Seven Sages. After numerous battles, (During which Derp evolved into a Swoobat) Clay and a few workers came and arrested the members.

Jeff and Laura then went to challenge Clay, but not before catching a few Pokemon.

Jeff's: Vanillite (Twisty) and Mincinno (Loca)

Laura: Vanillite (Coney)

After touring around, they heard that someone was looking for a trade.

They found the seeker and it was a kid looking for Mincinno to trade for Basculin.

They both caught one and recieved their Basculin. Jeff's was the blue variant while Laura's was red.

At the gym Ghetis and many Team Plasma members were there to pick up the prisoners from Clay, who had no choice but to comply.

Jeff and Laura went into the gym and fought their way to the lowest level.

Jeff defeated Clay's Krokorok and Palpitoad with little trouble with Pesto. But when Clay's Excadrill came into the picture, Jeff's Team was getting ripped to shreds. Only a well-placed Aqua Tail from his Basculin, BlueEyes, snagged a victory and the Quake Badge for Jeff.

Laura's Swoobat had trouble fighting Clays Krokorok and fell to Excadrill. Her Basculin, RedEyes made short work of it. Monty had the honors of taking down the Palpitoad with no resistance whatsoever, netting her the fifth badge.

To be continued…
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Shocking Battles

After healing up at the Pokemon Center, Jeff and Laura started to leave to go to the next city. Just before they left, Bianca ran up and randomly challenged Laura.

The battle didn't last long, even when her Dewott, Herdier, newly-evolved Musharna, and Pansear were at higher levels.

After the battle, Bianca gave the two traveling HM02 (Fly). :)

Continuing into Route 6 they caught some Pokemon.

Jeff: Deerling (Bucky), Karrablast (Stag) and Foongus (Toad)

Laura: Deerling (Fawn) and Foongus (Peach)

At the end of Route 6, the came across a cave system known as Chargestone Cave. However, the entrance of the cave was sealed off by a web. Fortunately, Clay came in and opened it for us, identifying the structure as a Galvantula web then left.

As soon as the duo entered the cave, two figures appeared and told them to come with them for all of ten feet to met with N.

N introduced those figures as the Shadow Triad, who were just recruited into Team Plasma. They apparently were spying on Laura, Jeff, Bianca, and Cheren. After a short profile of the trainers, pretty much stating that Jeff and Laura were neutral when it comes to power or some shit, stated then that Team Plasma was waiting for them at the end of the cave system.

A little further in, Bianca and Professor Juniper caught up to the duo, saying they were there for research. As the two spelunked, they caught some more Pokemon:

Jeff and Laura: Klink (Sproc and Clockwork{in Laura's Party}), Joltik (Magna {In Jeff's Party} and OFFMYFACE) and Ferroseed (Barb and Spike).

In the basement of the cave, many Team Plasma Grunts stood in wait, anxious to liberate the trainers' Pokemon.

However, Jeff and Laura cut through them like a hot knife through butter and reach N once again who challenged them to another fight. This time using a Boldore, a Klink, a Joltik and a Ferroseed, but history repeated itself once again.

At that point N started wondering why he kept losing to Jeff and Laura.

Juniper and Bianca then came in hearing the commotion from the other side of the cave.

N chastised Juniper, saying that putting Pokemon into classes is no way to understand them. Juniper then responded that there is no wrong way to try to understand Pokemon. Something got lost in translastion and N got even more riled up. and stormed off.

Juniper and Bianca left to do some more research as Jeff and Laura went on to Mistralton City.

To be continued…
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The Sky, The Garden and the Mysterious Boy

As Jeff and Laura exited Chargestone Cave, they entered the city of Mistralton.

As they toured the city, they came across two figures, one of them ran up to the two trainers and noticed that they had Pokedexes, as well as have Klink entries. He then took their Pokedexes and modified them to include different forms. He then realized that he never introduced himself, Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper's father.

Cedric's companion came over, wondering what he was doing. Cedric introduced the trainers as two of the individuals his daughter asked to fill the Pokedex. His companion then introduced herself as Skyla, the gym leader of the city.

Cedric left to do some errands and Skyla said she'd be happy to battle the trainers, but she said a Pokemon had collapsed on the top of a nearby monument known as Celestial Tower and invited them to come along if they wished

As Laura and Jeff journeyed North towards the Tower, they did some training. During which, Jeff's Pyro Pigulon and Pesto evolved into Emboar and Unfezant, respectively. Laura's Monty also evolved into a Serperior.

Jeff had also captured an Emolga and dubbed her Rocky.

Laura and Jeff eventually reached the Celestial Tower and started ascending its Litwick and Elgyem stuffed halls.

Jeff and Laura both managed to a Litwick (Thanatos and Nyx) and Elgyem (Lady Gaga and Elvis) each.

During the ascent, Jeff's Magna evolved into a Galvantula.

At the top of the Tower, they met with Skyla, who had already revitalized the injured Pokemon and sent it on its way.

However, she did allow the trainers to chime the bell at the very top of the structure, which had an eerie, yet calming sound to it. Skyla then returned to her gym to await the trainers' challenge.

Laura went through the gym first, using adrian for the majority of the trainers along the way to Skyla. During the battl against Skyla, herself, Adrian took out Skyla's Swoobat and damaged her Swanna before being defeated. Redeye then took the reins and K.O.ed the Swanna with little effort, only to be one-shotted by a critical Air Slash by Skyla's Unfezant. Laura then sent out Derp which Heart Stamped the noble Pokemon into submission.

Then was Jeff's turn. Magna faced nearly no resistance from any of the flying-types in the hangar-themed gym. Her only stumbling block was a Swoobat that infatuated her with Attract, which Pebbles happily helped with. As for Skyla, Magna barely found any sort of challenge.

Jet Badges in their cases, Jeff and Laura left the gym and ran into N. He wanted to find out exactly what kind of trainers they were, by asking their Pokemon, namely Magna and Bindi. He was surprised at how trusting to their trainers they were and was saddened by the fact that when his plan succeed (as if), such relationships between humans and Pokemon would be shattered once the Pokemon were separated from the rest of the world and yearned for more trainers like them, then departed.

After that random event, Jeff and Laura received mail, invitation to Liberty Garden, complete with boat tickets. They immediately flew to Castelia City and boarded the boat.

Once they had arrived, they noticed that the island was crawling with Team Plasma grunts.

They overheard some grunts talking about legendary Pokemon under the lighthouse. After they fought their way through the grunts, they found two Victini. They both captured them using Clamps and Bindi and countless Ultra Balls. They exited the lighthouse finding that the grunts had been arrested. Prof. Juniper had appeared and said something about Victinis, then left.

Back at Castelia City, Jeff was notified that a few Pokemon had been transferred to his Box system by Prof. Juniper. He checked the Box and found his Crown Beasts (shiny Johto roamers) and his Celebi had made it to Unova.


J: I… have connections…

Jeff decided to to say “Hi” to his Celebi.

L: So… how did you come across this little one?

J: It is a weird story… I was taking inventory of my supplies one day when this guy was curious about one of my Pokeballs and just went right in!

L: That is weird…

Celebi then started acting odd and motioned Jeff and Laura to follow it.

It lead them to the Game Freak building and to a couple of people talking.

One of the pair was oddly silent and Celebi went right up to him. Then, in a flash of light, the boy turned into a small canine like Pokemon, Zorua.

Zorua was eager to join Celebi, since the two of them were apparently friends and Jeff put him in a Pokeball and dubbed him Zorro.

L: I hate your luck…

To be continued…
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An “Ice” Time

At the Pokemon Canter, Jeff and Laura took the time to trade their Boldores back and forth to have them become Gigaliths, then departed to Icirrus City, where the next gym was, and where Team Plasma has been spotted last.

Along the way Cheren came and challenged Lauren, once again, just because the have the same number of badges.

J: Right on schedule…

L: Yeah, no kidding…

Once again, his team barley changed in the fact that his Pokemon merely leveled up and his Tranquil and Pansage evolved.

After the battle, Alder commented that the battle went very well. Cheren replied that it wasn't that good since he lost. Alder then questioned Cheren about his motives past becoming Champion once again. Completely missing the point once again, Cheren began to leave, but not before Alder gave him, Laura and Jeff HM03 (Surf).

Jeff and Laura then started climbing Twisted Mountain, the only Route to Icirrus City from Route 6.

During their trek through the mountain's labyrinthine passages, Clamps and Bindi evolved into Krookodiles and Jeff caught some more Pokemon, a Cubchoo (Nyquil) and a Drilbur (Persephone), while Laura had no such luck with every attempt ended up with her target getting knocked out.

Eventually they reached the end of the path and saw Cheren right after a successful fight against a Plasma Grunt. Another Grunt came to tell them that they have found what they were looking for and left with his comrade.

Jeff and Laura continued to Icirrus City and caught some local Pokemon.

Jeff: Stunfisk (Flounder), Shiny Palpitoad (Rhythm), Shelmet (Gweniviere), Mienfoo (Cat Foo) and Druddigon (Fafnir)

Laura: Mienfoo (H.K.Fooey), Druddigon (Dagron)

During training in this area, Clockwork evolved into a Klang.

The trainers then decided to visit the gym to pick up their seventh badge.

Jeff's Pyro Pigulon barely felt any temperature change in the Ice-type gym. Not even Brycen, the leader, was nothing but a brisk wind compared to her extreme heat.

Laura had a tag team of Clockwork and Adrian to grind down the various Ice Pokemon down to a nub for both the trainers in the gym, as well as Brycen.

Frost Badges in hand, the trainers met up with Cheren, who came to challenge Brycen, and Bianca. Brycen came out asking who was outside, but he was not talking about the visible trainers. Instead he called out the Shadow Triad, who were hiding to wait until Jeff and Laura were alone to talk to them about going to Dragonspiral Tower, the oldest building in Unova, then disappeared. Brycen and Cheren immediately went off toward the tower with Jeff and Laura in hot pursuit.

To be continued…
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The Fury of Dragons

After a quick trip to the Pokemon Center, Jeff and Laura ventured North to Dragonspiral Tower. As they ascended the tower, they fought many Plasma Grunts to get to N.

Just before the aerie, Jeff and Laura were separated by an time-space anomaly, they were both on their own to face whatever was at the top.

On Jeff's side of the anomaly, he heard N yell “It's hot!” When he reached the top, he realized that he was too late. In front of N, stood a brilliantly white dragon, Reshiram. N told Jeff that his dream is within reach, and once he had become Champion, he would realize his dream. But if Jeff was serious about saving the relationships between human and Pokemon, he must find another legendary dragon, Reshiram's polar opposite. At that point, N mounted Reshuram and flew off.

As for Laura's side, N exclaimed “It's electrifying!” When she reached the top, he realized that she was too late. In front of N, stood a sinister, black, Zekrom. N told Laura that his dream is within reach, and once he had become Champion, he would realize his dream. But if Laura was serious about saving the relationships between human and Pokemon, she must find another legendary dragon, Zekrom's polar opposite. At that point, N mounted Zekrom and flew off.

After that, Jeff and Laura both felt an odd sensation and look to their sides. They have been reunited!

J: What just happened…?

L: What are you asking ME for!?

At that moment, Cedric, Alder, and Cheren caught up with them asked what happened. The trainers whispered to each other to try to put together as to what happened and decided to say that N had resurrected and escaped with “a legendary dragon.” They also added that N wanted THEM to find the “other dragon.”

Alder told the trainer that the other dragon's dormant form is in the desert castle located south of Nimbasa.

They went to the ruins where they had obtained the fossils and were stopped momentarily by Cheren who had just caught up to them and continued inside.

As they ventured deeper into the ruins, Team Plasma members started pooping up everywhere, evidently placed by Ghestis to test the trainers. However, at the bottom of the ruins, they discovered that the dragon had not been down there for quite a while. However Ghestis was there and commended the trainers for making it down, then departed.

Back outside the ruins, Professor Juniper called the trainers on the Cross Transceiver and told them to come to the Nacrene City Museum. Along the way in mid-flight on Pesto and Derp, Jeff and Laura encountered another anomaly. They tried to turn around, but unfortunately, they could not reunite. So with each of them in a separate, yet identical Nacrene City, they went to the museum, where they received the Black (Jeff) and White (Laura) Stones. They were told to go to Opelucid City to meet with the local dragon experts/gym leaders to find out how to awaken their dragons.

Jeff and Laura then reunited again after reaching Icirrus City and both saw that they had different colored orbs.

L: What is going on here?

J: Absolutely no clue… But someone or something wants us to have Zekrom and Reshiram each for some odd reason.

As the journeyed east along Route 8 and across the Tubeline Bridge, they encountered Ghetis again, who taunted them by saying that the opposite dragon would not find either of them worthy of being its master then departed once again.

After that, Route 9 came and went and they went into Opelucid City. They both saw different forms of the city. Jeff saw a city that kept to its roots with a primitive style of architecture, while Laura saw a city that embraced the fact that the future was coming and adjusted accordingly.

They met up with Alder, who was just at the entrance of the city and lead them to a nearby Plasma rally lead none other than Ghetis, who made a feverent speech about N's coming victory and implored the residents to release their Pokemon. The reception of such claims were mixed.

After the crowd had dispersed, Alder, Jeff, and Laura met up with Iris (the girl we met in Castelia) and Drayden, the two gym leaders and the people we needed to talk to.

Alder returned to the Pokemon League to await N's challenge and trusted them to get the eighth badge after hearing the story of Reshiram and Zekrom.

At Drayden and Iris' home, the were told the story of the two Tao dragons. Evidently, they were once one dragon given to two sons of a king in Unova's past. However, the brother's started to fight about how the kingdom should be ruled, as a result, the dragon split into two separate entities which started a fight that almost destroyed the region. Eventually, the princes stopped and peace was re-established for a brief period. However, they started to fight again, ans so did the dragons, who exhausted their powers and went into a dormant state.

At that point the gym leaders said that's all they knew about the dragons, but they had no clue as to awaken the other one. They then said that Alder would require backup if the need arises, and so they offered a challenge for the Legend Badge to the trainers. Drayden would battle Laura and Jeff would fight Iris.

At the gym, the four trainers had two separate, yet simultaneous battles. The dragon trainers each sent out a Fraxure, a Druddigon, and a Haxorus. Jeff wiped out Iris' team with a quick application of Pyro Pigulon's Rollout attack. Laura had a tougher time, having to use Redeye, Bindi, and Derp to take out Drayden's trio, due to the fact that Drayden used Dragon tail to force a switch twice.

With the final badge in their possession, they went outside and met up with Professor Juniper who showed them the route they must take to get to the Pokemon League to help out Alder.

The two trainers let their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs and gave them a pep talk.

J: We have come very far, you guys…

L: But the journey's far from over!

J: Before us lies the road to the Pokemon League and the Elite Four.

L: This last leg will not be easy…

J: But together, we can prevail over what stands in our path!

L: It is true that we may have to face a legend straight in the eye…

J: But that doesn't mean that we'll lose hope.

L: As you look at your opponents from this point forward, remember this!

J: This fight is not just a personal matter, it is a world wide crisis.

L: So let us go and show N that we are not just your masters…

J: We will show N that no matter how he tries, our bonds will never be broken!

J & L: We will show him that the world is not just black and white, it also has everything in between!

*Pokemon all roar with spirit and conviction*

To be continued…
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The Road to Victory

After resting up at the Pokemon Center, Jeff and Laura went north on Route 10 towards the Pokemon League. While battling the trainers and wild Pokemon that got in their way, Jeff got his hands on a Rufflet and named him “Regal.”

L: “Regal?” Like from Tales of Symphonia?

J: No, Regal Eagle from the Muppets.

L: Oh, yeah… I like those things…

As they crossed the bridge before the gates of the Pokemon League, Cheren called Laura and challenged her to a battle to make sure that she was ready to fight N if it came to it.

Cheren's team was stronger than ever, even his newly-evolved Emboar was a force to be reckoned with… And reckon Laura did.

After the battle, Cheren went off to train. Bianca, who arrived with Cheren was unsure what she wanted to do, so she just gave the trainers some Full Restores and wished them luck.

Jeff and Laura continued and came across the gates, eight barriers stood between them and the final test before the Elite Four, Victory Road. Behind each gate seemed to be a brand new world, from lush fields to humungous updrafts from a gaping abyss.

After proceeding through the final gate, a great mountain stood before them, Victory Road is now upon them. With their goal just a stone's throw away, the trainers ran in to face whatever awaited them.

Within Victory Roads caverns were a myriad of Pokemon and strong trainers. Many wins and captures were had during their trek up the mountain.

Captures: Heatmor (Aunt Ida and Aartie), Durant (Queenie and Raid) Deino (Bitey and Lernia), Vullaby (Laura calls her Concordia).

During the heat of all these Battles, Laura's Clockwork evolved into a hyper-sturdy Klinklang.

Once the duo reached the top, the looked back and contemplated all they've been through.

At last, they've made it to the Pokemon League. But their goal is not to become champion at this point. Instead, it is to prevent N from separating Pokemon from humans.

Jeff took a quick look around the facility.

J: Huh…

L: What's up?

J: It seems that we can choose the order in which we can face the Elite Four.

L: Yeah, looks like it… So how do you want to do this?

J: How about we each face all four, but in opposite order…? I'll star at the far left and work my way right and vice versa for you?

L: Sounds like a plan…

With the plan set, Jeff and Laura went their separate ways.

Round One

Jeff first went to Ghost trainer, Shauntal, who had an unsettling combination of Cofagrigus, Jellicent, Golurk and Chandelure. Clamps buried Cofagrigus, and Blueeye tore apart Jellicent, Chendelure, and Golurk.

For her first Elite Four Battle, Laura went against Marshall, a fighting trainer. He had an overpowering force consisting of Sawk, Throh, Conkeldurr, and Mienshao. Derp took out Throh, but was shredded by Sawk. But Redeye anvenged his fallen comrade by swamping Sawk. Conkeldurr was a tough nut to crack, taking out Redeye without breaking a sweat. With little choice, Laura sent out Monty and immediately started ordering him to start with a chain of Coils. After having him buff himself enough Laura then told him to start attacking, landing one-hit K.O.s on Conkeldurr and Mienshao, which never had a chance to show off its abilities.

Round Two

Jeff's second fight was against the Dark-type trainer, Grimsley. In his arsenal was Scrafty, Krookodile, Liepard, and Bisharp. Pyro Pigulon had no trouble tearing through this rather fragile party. At one point, Jeff had Clamps take on Bisharp, but an onslaught of X-Scissor put a damper on that plan.

Laura went on to take on Caitlin, a Psychic trainer. She tried to mesmerize Laura with her party of Reuniclus, Gothitelle, Musharna and Sigilyph. However, Bindi and her Moxie ability made very short work of this battle.

Round Three

Past the halfway point, Jeff reached Caitlin and recognized her.

J: Hey… I remember you! Weren't you a Frontier Brain?

Caitlin: Odd, you remember me… But I have no recollection of you. Are you sure you aren't mistaken…?

J: I'm pretty sure I'm not… I battle your butler, Darach, remember?

Caitlin: Oh, right…! No, wait I lost it…

J: Okay, fine! You don't remember me… But I'll give you a fight you'll never forget.

*Short battle due to Clamps tearing her team apart*

At Laura's third battle, she took on Grimsley and defeated him with Bindi, Clockwork, and Redeye.

Round Four

Jeff faced off against Marshall and swept him with Pesto, who stayed far above his opponents.

Laura took on Shauntal with Derp (who fell in the first three moves) Bindi, and Redeye.

With all four battles won, Jeff and Laura reunited and rode the now-activated elevator to a set of steps that lead to Parthenon-themed building that housed the Champion's Room.

As the duo stepped in, they found that N had already defeated Alder. N stood triumphant as he declared that trainers should release their Pokemon. N then noticed the two trainers who had just entered the building. He then said that he was looking forward to see the legendary dragons fight in order to decide the fate of the world. He then pressed a button that made a GIGANTIC castle rise from the ground, surrounding the Pokemon League. N then went inside the castle to await the trainers' challenge.

Jeff and Laura followed in pursuit, but were ambushed by seven sages(minus Ghetsis). Before the sages could do anything, Clay, Elesa, Burgh, Drayden, Iris, Skyla, Brycen, and Lenora burst in to keep the elderly men at bay while Jeff and Laura went ahead to fight N.

On the way up, one of the Shadow Sirens appeared and showed them to a room in which they could heal their Pokemon. Inside were two women, Anthea and Concordia (not to be confused with Laura's Vullaby), Anthea healed their Pokemon and Concordia told them some backstory on N.

Apparently Ghetsis kept N secluded and only introduced him to abused Pokemon.

On the next floor, they noticed a PC that was connected to the various accounts. Jeff had a nagging feeling that he would need room in his party and deposited Magna. Laura also decided to do some party management and stuffed Derp (since he never delivered in the Elite Four Challenge) in her box.

A little bit further up, they encountered a room that seemed like a child's play pen. On everyone of the toys was the name “Harmonia.”

At the top of the castle, they came across a large door. Just as they were going to go inside, Ghetsis came out to mock them before letting them in.

Beyond the door, was a large room containing a long corridor with water on either side. Looking around, Jeff and Laura realized that they were separated again! Trusting that the other would be okay, they continued. In the middle of the room, N approached them. He was disappointed that the dragon that the trainers on different planes had in their possession had not awakened and called his own dragon. He left them with two choices: Give up and release their Pokemon or fight a “hopeless battle.”

At that moment, the dragons previously dormant had awakened.

N translated the dragons' speech as a challenge to test whether the trainer before them was worthy of being their friend and ally (Knowing N, he probably paraphrased).

Jeff caught Zekrom with ease with Clamps intercepting Zekrom's numerous attempts of landing a Fusion Bolt on a Ground-type Pokemon, it now goes by “Dynamo.”

Laura had Bindi go against Reshiram (now Inferno) but was forced to switch with Redeye. But two Ultra Balls later, Reshiram was hers.

With the dragons at their command, N challenge the trainers for one final battle.

J: I'll show you why I'm Sinnoh and Johto champion!

L: You won't get your way while I'm around…!

Jeff's side

Jeff and N both released their dragons so the dragons could finally settle their long-time feud. N's Reshiram was at a higher level so it could get out its signature move (Fusion Flare) more quickly. However, Dynamo's Fusion Bolt absorbed the energy of that blast and sent an even more powerful attack right at Reshiram. Eventually, Dynamo stood tall. N then unleashed a Vanilluxe to try to put the dragon on ice. However, Pyro Pigulon stepped in and took it out in no time flat. N then took out his Carracosta, which was made short work of by Clamps. N then sent out his Klinklang, with which Pyro Pigulon was more than happy to take care of. However, as soon as her Flame Charge hit the Klinklang, it revealed itself as a Zoroark. But nonetheless, Pyro Pigulon too it out with no problems. N then brought out another Klinklang that WAS a Klinklang and let's just say that P.P. was very happy the following moment. N sent out his final Pokemon, Archeops, Blueeye had fun with that target.

Laura's side

Jeff and N both released their dragons so the dragons could finally settle their long-time feud. N's Zekrom was at a higher level so it could get out its signature move (Fusion Bolt) more quickly. However, Inferno's Fusion Flare absorbed the energy of that blast and sent an even more powerful attack right at Zekrom. Eventually, Inferno stood tall. N then unleashed a Vanilluxe to try to put the dragon on ice. Adrian stepped in and crushed the Ice type with little trouble. N then sent out his Klinklang. Bindi went in for a Bulldozer. However, it's target revealed itself as a Zoroark, which surprised Bindi with a Focus Blast. Redeye came and finished off N's Zoroark. N then sent out a REAL Klinklang that Inferno made short work of. Next came Carracosta, Monty Coiled right up and destroyed it and the Archeops that came right afterwards.

After the battles' end a flash of light occurred and the duo was reunited once more. This time with their dragons at their sides!

N stood, astonished that he had once again, lost to the trainers yet again.

Ghetsis came in and chastised N. Adler and Cheren came in time to hear Ghetsis' angry rants.

Ghetsis: I am ashamed that you share the name Harmonia with me! How could you, the chosen hero of the dragons, lose to a normal trainer not on one, but TWO dimensions!

J: You know about the two dimensions?

Ghetsis: Of course! It was the best way for my plan to work! N becomes the undisputed Champion of Unova and he has all trainers release their Pokemon, while I take over the region!

L: What are you talking about? I thought that team plasma was about Pokemon liberation…

Ghetsis: Just a fabrication I needed to form Team Plasma. The only reason I made this organization was so I could be the only one WITH Pokemon! But you two threw a huge wrench in the equation, I cannot allow my plans to go to waste.

Ghetsis challenged both trainers at once using a Cofagrigus, Bouffalant, Seismitoad, Bisharp, Elektross, and Hydreigon. Both Inferno and Dynamo were hit with Toxic from Cofagrigus. Bindi and Clamps took out Cofagrigus, but not without being poisoned themselves. He then sent out his Hydreigon, which was taken down in a joint effort by Pyro Pigulon and Clockwork. His Boufflalant was called out for round three. Pesto and Clockwork took it out while sustaining massive damage. Next came out his Elektross. Clamps and Bindi, while still poisoned, came out and destroyed it. Seismitoad then appeared and took them both out in one shot. Monty and Pesto came out and took it out with little effort. Fed up Ghetsis sent out his Bisharp and started tearing up the trainers' team. With little choice, Dynamo and Inferno came out, still poisoned and obliterated the Dark/Steel-type with the combined force of Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare.

Shocked at the loss, Ghetsis became a gibbering wreck as Cheren and Adler took him to be turned into the proper authorites.

N then approached the trainers to talk to them.

N: You remember our first battle?

J: Yes… Back in Accumula City.

N: I was surprised that your Pokemon wanted to be with you… You see, I've only been around Pokemon who have been hurt by people. Up until Accumula, I've never met a Pokemon like yours.

L: Yeah… Concordia told us that Ghetsis only allowed hurt Pokemon near you.

N: Yeah, that seems to be the case. But now… I need some time to think.

N then called out his dragon (use your imagination) and left for the blue skies.

L: So… What next?

J: I dunno… Wanna see the rest of the region? We've only seen like, half of it…

L: Eh, why not…?

To be continued…
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