put twitter on your DD comic layout easily (yes, on the new duck layout!)
Locoma at 2:05PM, Aug. 22, 2011
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I found this really cool web service that beats the current crippled drunkduck's layouts and forum signatures. It's a website that (without having to sign up or anything) converts your latest tweet into an image for you to paste anywhere. Example:

All you have to do is go to http://twitsig.com/ and put your twitter username on it (JUST the username, and it works only for public tweets).
It even has some nice customization options like specifying the image size like this:

Currently it doesn't look so good in a vertical rectangle, but this tool is still in development. For now though, I find it really useful for sites that don't allow any kind of html. LIKE DRUNKDUCK!
You can find all the info and customization options at http://twitsig.com/
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