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Company of Three - Issue 3 and beyond!
Yein at 4:02PM, Oct. 13, 2011
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Hi guys.
I last posted before the big changes on this site. I'm really impressed by the improved usability (although it was still fun before)
My (other) baby is my comic, Company of Three, in which an unlikely trio from equally unlikely backgrounds engage the vile Galactos Intolerant every chance they get. At first a meager nuisance to the dark, galactic warlord, these three might be the only chance The Realm stands against encroaching shadows!
After about 10 months, Issue 3 is finally done. If you're interested in checking it out…
Issue 3:
or if you need to catch up, here are 1 and 2:
Coming “soon” :
Co.3 Issue 4: Kingdoms are Built to Fall
Realm Prologue (Issue 0)
Jimmy and Junkshot # 2 (A webcomic by comedic genius Andrew Wad)
For Co.3 extras and Jimmy&JuNkShOtTtT check out: (A website by over-the-top evil scientist Andrew Wad)
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Yein at 4:23PM, Nov. 23, 2011
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Company of Three
Issue 4
Kingdoms are Built to Fall
Now available!!
Also, if you haven't checked out my best bud's site
please do so! He gets so lonely during the work-week.

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