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My appreciation thread to DD
simonitro at 12:32PM, Nov. 7, 2011
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Hello everyone,
This is Simonitro and I would love to give out my appreciation to this website. It is true that I'm slower on updates compared to older years but life could be distracting and comicing is taking some time to finish the newer pages, thus, on a good news, I'm still going on and my art style did improve a lot with a lot of art learning techiniques and experimenting while progressing my stories. Furthermore, I'm not stopping my comicing at all but there are times I will update either slow or fast until I get a comfortable pace. Besides, I'm having some nagging pains in my right arm which I need to rest every once in awhile… however, I did managed to find a way to get a bit faster. So, thanks DD and the crew… this is an awesome website with a lot of potential talents. I'll always be here hovering over. But hey, this was my starting point and I will keep on going because I have a shitload of ideas and someday, hopefully, throw them all out. I hope you're still enjoying my work as I do read some comics but forget to comment but there are some great stuff here.
This is my appreciation threads to read and I hope all the best. Thanks all, you are all awesome.
Cheers… Simon :)

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
ayesinback at 9:52AM, Nov. 8, 2011
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Hello Simon.  an appreciation thread is a lovely idea.
I apparently need to be reminded at times that experiencing gratitude is of singular importance, and I'm feeling appreciation for many things, certainly DD, too.
Im,also crazy tired.  So  DDaward prsenters - STELLAR!! (even creating a new avi for the Epress  XD)  
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
Niccea at 5:25PM, Nov. 8, 2011
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ayesinback wrote:
So  DDaward prsenters - STELLAR!! (even creating a new avi for the Epress  XD)  
I'm glad someone noticed it. I love having my avatar drawn so I usually make new drawings into avatar.
Doodstormer at 6:00PM, Nov. 20, 2011
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Appreciation threat? I appreciate DD or I'm going to kill all these small woodland creatures which in some way represent DD.
ozoneocean at 12:02AM, Nov. 21, 2011
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Just realised what his title should have been so I changed it :)
Abt_Nihil at 4:40AM, Nov. 21, 2011
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: dd has the best community ever. I think my whole comic-making since 2008 would have turned out differently if I hadn't joined dd. The great response and general environment has influenced my productivity, I think. Also, I got to know many great people I wouldn't have known otherwise.
Darwin at 6:37AM, Nov. 21, 2011
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ozoneocean wrote:
Just realised what his title should have been so I changed it :)
I SAW that, I just didn't say anything so as not to embarrass the poster…
I will add my appreciate for the site.  I would never have progressed to this point if I hadn't been turned on to DD by WarofWinds…The community here has always been welcoming and friendly, offered support, critiques, and helpful suggestions to continue to improve my craft.    It has helped me build interest, given me an audience, and made me feel like I belong!  :D
ayesinback at 6:54AM, Nov. 21, 2011
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ozoneocean wrote:
Just realised what his title should have been so I changed it :)
aw - that was part of the charm, mr johnny-on-the-spot  :D
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
Banes at 7:55PM, Nov. 29, 2011
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I'd thought for years about doing a comic (and even joined DD several years before starting my comic!).

Seeing a couple of words on my comic pages, the community activities (for me starting with the Radio Play and then the DD Awards) and chatting with a couple folks has been the fuel to continue working at writing/drawing/the whole shebang!

It's tremendously encouraging to have such nice folks reading one's stuff…as well as posting their own stuff. The friendliness and creativity…in that order….have been very important to my continuing to do a comic. Possibly would've quit (or slowed WAY down) without the DD folks.

Not to mention the weekly Quackcasts, which are such a treat.

I love it here.


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