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Hellrazer: The Chronicles of Rachel Strand
TommyBrownell at 8:42AM, Feb. 19, 2012
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Just a general promotional thread here.
First off, I'm Tommy Brownell, writer and letterer of Hellrazer: The Chronicles of Rachel Strand, drawn by Johnnie Johnson for Equinox Comics. I also maintain a Facebook page for Hellrazer where I post additional writer commentary, previews from upcoming pages, etc, promote other works in the Equinox universe and so on. In fact, as soon as the Voodoo story ends its run at the end of this month, I'm holding a drawing of all the Facebook fans of Hellrazer and the winner will receive a print copy of the Voodoo story, as well as a unique sketch of Rachel and Voodoo by Johnnie. If you want to enter, all you've gotta do is go “like” the Facebook page.
The first appearance of Rachel is in print at IndyPlanet as the back-up story of Equinox #1.
I also wrote “The Curse of Babylon” for Equinox #2, featuring the first appearance of a pivotal character who will appear in Hellrazer later this year.
Thanks for all the kind words we have received so far on the comic!
Check out Hellrazer the Series, every Tuesday and Friday!
Doctor Shadow at 8:50AM, March 14, 2012
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Good to see you here Tommy, good to see the comic too :)
A Ronin writer, a masterless samurai of the written word…
Updating: Thursdays. Now in glorious Ink Wash and Water Soluble Pencil! Reva's note: This is not created digitally, it's all hand drawn and inked.

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