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I need some help here(CRIT)
Ice 9 at 11:45AM, July 1, 2012
posts: 126
joined: 2-7-2011
Okay folks, I left the Duck some time ago because it was
having trouble and now I’m back to posting comics. Clearly, my work needs improvement
even as I made a few strides when I came back.
Can anyone give me some advice?
Zoras at 2:27PM, July 4, 2012
posts: 14
joined: 7-22-2010
To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with it.
It looks pretty good for a stick comic. :-)
Ice 9 at 9:06AM, Aug. 13, 2012
posts: 126
joined: 2-7-2011
and still my comic is never looked at on the Duck

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