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(CLOSED)Writer / Collaborator needed to help me finish my comic.
Vig Starmax at 11:55PM, July 22, 2012
posts: 42
joined: 12-24-2009
Hi, im Vig Starmax, creator of Hocusha, a comic that is slowly mothballing because the creator can't make up his damn mind about the story.
C'mon, the latest chapter (big emphasis on late) has been going on for almost a year now. Just to many stops and starts and I dont want to completely abandon the comic.
What I need is someone who could rewrite it from my plots. I need someone to provide a full script (panel descriptions, dialogues and all) for me to draw from.
I need a collaborator.
I can't pay you but you will get co-writer credit. You may checkout the comic at this link.
Gunwallace at 12:02PM, July 23, 2012
posts: 359
joined: 10-13-2010
I'd be keen to help.
David ‘Gunwallace’ Tulloch,
Vig Starmax at 11:05PM, July 23, 2012
posts: 42
joined: 12-24-2009
Awesome Gunwallace! Need some time to compile all the mess of ideas, plots and incomplete pages before sending it over.
Kou the Mad at 3:12AM, July 25, 2012
posts: 69
joined: 9-19-2011
the link wouldn't work for me.
Raziel_X007223 at 4:09AM, July 30, 2012
posts: 20
joined: 5-17-2006
I could also help if you need the help. Don't worry about payment. Just credit is good enough for me…
Vig Starmax at 9:19AM, Aug. 1, 2012
posts: 42
joined: 12-24-2009
Sorry guys, already found a collaborator.
Hocusha will be back on tract in….due time.

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