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Paid gig with opportunity of full-time position.
SalviB at 4:36AM, Aug. 8, 2012
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Looking for an artist who can commit to a 22page script plus 1splash page and a cover… grand total of 24 pages. This is the first issue of the first season of a comic series I have created.
I would need the cover and one page done before compensation. 
The story is a superhero noir. 
It will be pitched at several meetings and upon acception this will turn into a full time job for the artist.  If you are not looking for the possibility of a full-time opportunity and cannot commit the time it takes for a full time job please DO NOT apply!  Applicant can live anywhere in the world but if you live in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or any state around there then you may be invited to the meetings.

Once again the job offered will be paid with the possibility of royalties if accepted. I will not reveal who my meetings are with as I have been oliged not to. I assure you this is legit. And if this does not get accepted then I may still need the artist because I will put this on and may even self publish it.
Look up my Bio for any information on me.

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