My Sincerest Appologies...
mattboy115 at 2:55PM, Oct. 7, 2012
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I realize I haven't posted a page to this comic in over a year and a half. And I just have to say I am incredibliy sorry for leaving you hanging for this long. I am working on a page as we speak but it's taking longer than I'd hoped because I am in need of a working computer. I had a cheap laptop for…about a week. But it didn't last long because of my own stupidity. I was making adjustments to it and sort of fried the ram. Word of caution: NEVER WORK ON A COMPUTER WHILE IT'S ON!
But I digress. I am attempting to get this comic done by this Saturday regardless. Not making any promises but I did say “attempting”. Anyway, thank you for understanding and waiting patiently for my next installment.
(P.S. I am taking a collection at my website ( for a new computer if you would be willing to make a small donation. Nothing fancy. I just need something to run my comic making programs. A cheapo netbook will do.)

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