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ironhand at 4:36AM, Feb. 18, 2013
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So I've just been having a few swirling thoughts at the minute. Something we, as a community, seem to want to concentrate on during this first season is the more character driven moments. Of course, with different writers for each issue and a series of characters to choose from this might be difficult as the first season (and I assume, every season) will be around 12 issues. So here's what I'd like to suggest.
At the end of the first season, I think we should maybe have a gap (so people can get ideas for the second season etc.) where we can fill it with perhaps 5 22-Paged issues each focusing on one character of the HA. This still counts very much like HA (the team will feature, but maybe not as much) but it gives characters who may never actually get their own comic started a chance to shine. Something I'd like to focus on, for example, is Amalgam as I feel it may be hard getting alot of his personality out in brief issues. Perhaps if there was an HA issue centralising on him it may work. So that's what HA Presents is. It's still very much HA as it involves all the characters - just features or centralises on one character more than the others.
Let me know what everyone suggests. I feel it may be good for characters such as Azumorph, Bleeder etc to shine.
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JimHarbor at 8:33AM, Feb. 18, 2013
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Hey Ironhand I kinda already made a thread for this.  http://www.drunkduck.com/forum/topic/175384/
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