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I could get published and you could get some free art work
Baconmoose at 2:36PM, Feb. 21, 2013
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So my webcomic has a chance to get printed and distributed by CEP if I successfully fund the first print through Kickstarter.
There's 10 days and 1k left, but we've been doing really good so far, so if you want some copies of the book and some artwork, please pledge!
Just so you know, I'd made a promise that if I reached 500 dollars in 10 days I'd draw art for everyone who pledged if I didn't actually make the goal. I got to 1k in 10 days, so, if you pledge and I succeed, you get whatever you paid for. If you pledge and I don't succeed, you get to keep your money but get some art ANYWAY. That makes it free. :3
Just thought I would let everyone know that this is a thing, and I appreciate your support! Even if you can't pledge, just the exposure helps.
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