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Annoying ads.
Stig Hemmer at 4:25PM, Nov. 27, 2013
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joined: 5-25-2007
I am perfectly fine with ads in general.  I understand that the server and ISP needs to be paid for somehow and ads is much better than subscription.
Sometimes I even see an ad for something I like.  
The obvious scams are semi-annoying, but I can ignore them.
However, pop-ups are more than semi-, they are fully annoying.
I am not going to abandon the Duck over this, but my user experience is significantly soured.
Stig Hemmer
ozoneocean at 9:26PM, Nov. 28, 2013
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They can be bloody irritating! That's why I only veiw DD with adblock installed- on Firefox, or Seamonkey. You can probably get that for Chrome too. Not sure about Safari or IE though… those are crappy browsers I find… :)
Please make screenshots of those dumb ads and post them here.
Stig Hemmer at 8:34PM, Nov. 30, 2013
posts: 12
joined: 5-25-2007
It seems you or your ad provider have caught and stopped these ads. Yay!

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