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VILLAIN GROUP: Sports-themed villains and Sindicate
dsandgnat at 7:46PM, Aug. 4, 2009
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When I was drawing my own comics for my enjoyment, I was working on villians that had some interaction with others, somewhat like an organization, but were allowed to work independently if need be. Here is what I had started:

It is a sports-themed group of villians. Each villian had their powers derived from experimental forms of steriods. They are known as Strike Zone (baseball). The leader is called the Umpire. He hides his face with a mask and has no active powers (that he knows of), but has limited control of people and outcomes. Next is the powerhouse known as Grand Slam. He is a massive man (over 8 feet tall and weighing 500+ that is all muscle) whose power was produced by an mutated batch of steriods. Next is Fastball. He has the ability to move faster than normal (due to a steriod-mercury derivative), but can also throw balls of energy (mutant effect–did not show until steriods introduced). Last is called Double Play. He has the ability to produce a clone of himself with the added feature of moving his lifeforce to the clone and cause the first to disappear.

They work for a group called the Sindicate (name that I was working with at the time). The Sindicate is a group of medical and military officials working on producing “the perfect human.” The Sindicate answers to one man–Mr. A.L. Phalord. He is extremely rich man with a secrative background. In reality, he is known as Lord Alpha, a 4300-year old demi-god who lives his life by creating war and havoc. (As a side note to Lord Alpha, his former love Lady Omega is now a hero living in today's world and married to a normal human but she does not know he has surfaced.)

That is what I had started in what I was drawing. My idea was to create other groups of villians with themes.
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