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VILLAINS: KL-askgar the Flesh Monger and Alger
JimHarbor at 11:57PM, Nov. 1, 2012
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Here are some submissions I've worked up.

Name: KL-askgar the Flesh Monger
Age: c. 1 mya
Alias: The Flesh Monger
Goal: Spread any and all species across the universe to acquire funds to build itself larger so it can find "purpose.'
Persona: A nigh-infinite God-Machine whose sole focus is running a universal scale prostitution ring. 
Abilities: Super-calculation, telepathic possession and communication with being across the universe 
Weaknesses/Flaws: Lacking a physical body (merely being a series of massive monoliths in space all shooting pulses of energy at each other) it can’t actually act of its own accord, using it's Thrall for its Flesh Mongering.
Description: KL-askgar the Flesh Monger Hundreds of Millions of years ago at the cusp of the dawn of the Dwapara Yuga, the mad/dead Archrons of Yema-Manu forged an army of alabaster unaliths from the blanched pillars of new birthed neutron stars. Beams of ever-present spectral emission crossed in a light-year wide network of mass and energy, the infinite spiraling mass lasting centenea with yet to ponder upon but the case of all existence. And yet, it hungered, and through the use of Trans-medial ventures and entangled soul waves it came into the thoughts of the men of the Universe to serve its dark whims.

From all cross creation, the dark thralls of the –askgar took upon itself to harvest the supple forms of virgin youth and worn crone alike, and to scatter them across the lost fetishes of the myriad of God-spawn. For the coin of the chaff fed the Monger and soon the pillars grew, and expanded until the massive living supersun of KL was superstructed from the mass quantum philosophizing of the Infinite pimpreneau.

With the starved masses of the final Yuga now weaning its eternal hunger, it turns its eyes to a riper prey: EARTH!

Name: Alger
Age: ±∞
Alias: Infinitely  Many, any thought, action, person, place or thing can and will be Alger. 
Goal: To make Alger all.
Persona: Depends, Alger takes many forms, as it is a lower dimensional entity, it can manifest in our dimension as anything thus its persona could vary from something as wide as  the concept of Racism to the color Indigo. 
Abilities: Alphasimilation, the ability to make any aspect of reality a mere extension of itself, you’re entire life, you’re nation, you’re hopes and dreams, and even what those things look like can and will be Alger.
Weaknesses/Flaws: Sentient will against assimilation, and sub dimensional assaults (if possible)  
Alger- The Demon of Allegory, A –nth vectored supersigil, he is an omnipresent force that lies at the center of all creation. He is the livings symbol, the ever-present, the omnimeme, his one goal to assimilate all of existence within his superemblemic structure. The words you speak: Is Alger, the love you make: is Alger, the man you are: is Alger, All is Alger, all will be Alger and all should be Alger.

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