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Name: Jamal Clarion
Alias: Redd
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human, African American
Height 6ft 5in
Weight: 500 lbs
Powers: Super Stregnth, Massive Pain Durability, Genius of Security Technology and Captivating Speaker
Back Story: Redd is a business man. Always seen with a cigar, he made his millions legally in security, safe/vault making and surveillance. To the general public and police forces he is a visionary and a great man trying to make the world safer. Yet he has a much darker side. Redd makes even more millions by having villains purchase his blue-prints to all of his safe/vaults, giving access to the surveillance cameras he installed, and by giving the secrets to his security away. Yet companies still hire him because once his secrets are given away he comes out with new models of safes/vaults to sell, better surveillance technology and more accurate security plans. He has traveled to every country, state, and city doing this. A true business man with the perfect business plan. He is ready to step into the world of Heroes Alliance. 
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