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VILLAINS: Kraysch and The Variant
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Here's two more villains that can be used.

Name: Kray'schom'pekk

Alias: Kraysch

Age: Over 70 Earth years

Backstory: Kraysch is an alien who crash-landed in Europe during World War II. He then realized that the people involved in the war (especially the Nazis) were fueling his new power of absorbing hate and becoming stronger. After the war, he wandered the Earth, doing random evil deeds, before becoming friends with JOD and joining his army as his second in command.

Persona: Although he has a brutish appearance and a rough way of speaking, he is more than just some “dumb muscle”, being quite cunning when he wants to be

Abilities: Kraysch is already super strong by human standards, but he can become stronger when absorbs any hate from any source surrounding him. His powers also give him a sort of “hate sense”

Weakness/Flaw: If his source of hate is removed somehow (either becoming unconscious, dead or otherwise moving away), he becomes weaker

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Name: Edward (No last name given)

Alias: The Variant

Goal: Prove himself to be more than just an evil copy of Azumorph

Backstory: The Variant is the result of an attempt to create an evil clone of Azumorph. His earliest memories are being inside a large tube, hearing the words “Edward” and “Variant” from the scientists who were in the lab. Once he was strong enough, he busted out of his tube and escaped! His first order of business as a free man, eliminate the man whose DNA he shares!

Abilities: The Variant has the same powers as Azumorph, but uses them in more evil ways

Weakness/Flaw: Due to his body structure, he is prone to being frozen solid at cold enough temperatures. (Note: Azumorph also has this weakness)

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(note: there's more to this character than appears, put I won't post it as it would be spoiling the surprise)
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