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VILLAINS: Shastab24 pictures to create characters from
shastab24 at 3:49AM, April 28, 2013
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I was going through my room and came across some old pictures my older brother and I drew when we were little.  This was in the midst of the 90s for the most part, so there was a lot of influence by the “extreme” style of the time, specifically in my older brother's drawings.  So I figured there are a lot of villains here (since the heroes all seemed like villains back then, which makes it near impossible for me to tell who was supposed to be heroes in this bunch).  We can help make up for the dearth of villains on these boards by developing these interesting drawings (where you can see some of what went through the minds of two kids who grew up in the 90s).
 Okay, this one can be seen as just a simple dragon.  The head was drawn by my sister (I think) and I drew the body.
 This one I drew and I have listed on paper as Staracat (Tepuu), whatever the heck that means.
 Another one by me, this one labeled J'Eanoan.  I think this was supposed to be an alien race.
 This guy (drawn by me) is labeled 479.  I think he's the only one on here with handy labels for all their gadgets.
 Yet another by me.  He's listed as Shorel and has a very interesting design, I must say.
 The first by my older brother.  I called him Tendril on his piece of paper.  Dang, that's a lot going on in that drawing.
 Another by my older brother.  On the drawing, I labeled it Split, but since I have a hero by that name, that's not what I would call this guy anymore, that's for sure.
 Another by me, this one labeled Aj'ac.  I just… don't know what the heck is going on with this guy.
 Back to my older brother's drawings.  I called this guy Orion Despot.  But now I have a villain in my own comic by that name, so this guy needs a new name.  Dang, the 90s influence in this picture.
 By my older brother?  It's hard to tell.  I labeled this one Jackyl.
 Another questionable one possibly by my older brother.  I labeled this one Wheat.
 By my older brother.  I have no idea who Can Man is, or how he came to be.
 This one may be by my older brother, maybe not.  I labeled it Barley.
 Finally one I drew in college.  I named her Mandy, and dang it I was a terrible artist at that time.
If the image overload hasn't overwhelmed any of you, does anybody want to take a crack at creating characters for these images?
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irrevenant at 10:18PM, May 12, 2013
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Wheat and Barley look cool. Personally I see them as being the somewhat inept minions created by a powerful child villain.

Since I expect we'd see them again after the villain is vanquished, it would be good to give each of them an individual personality. I see Wheat as kinder and more dopey than Barley. Barley looks like he has a bit of a cruel streak in him. He'd be smarter than Wheat, but with a poor understanding of human society, and a tendency to make up plausible-sounding (but wrong) reasons for the weird things humans do. (“Humans keep touching hands like that to make sure neither of them are overheating”. ).

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