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VILLAINS: The Hair Pair
shastab24 at 10:55PM, Nov. 16, 2011
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I have a couple villains I've been thinking of which should be great. However, I'm changing this up a bit from my usual style: these will be much more collaborative. All I will do is provide descriptions. The first person to post pictures they draw based on that will have then designed the official look (I'd do this, but I can't design characters very well). Also, there will be no need to ask me if you can include them in a script: what I'm posting below is literally everything I'm giving for the characters before they're given up to the boards for those who with to to play around with.

The Hair Pair: a group of criminals with hair-related powers.

The 'Stache – His is a truly epic mustache. He has the ability to control its length, stength and all of its movement. He often uses it to fight over using his fists or feet, and is known to walk with it instead of using his legs.

Follicle – Like Marvel's Medusa, has complete control over the hair on her head. She can use it in similar ways to the 'Stache, but prefers to use it as a protective armor around her body.

The two operated together for some time before they came across the Beard of Power, a stoic man who had a beard he could use as a kind of Hammerspace—he has an amazing ability to store items in it and pull them out when needed.  He looks like Alan Moore.

The Beard of Power joined the group, but they all agreed that they should just keep the name “Hair Pair” because it was cool that it rhymed (and the Hitchhiker's Guide set the precedent in that arena by calling itself a “trilogy” even though it had more books than three). The team isn't averse to more members or changing the name, though, so long as it rhymes or alliterates. However, they have only has offers from two people so far: the Eyelash Bandit, who has the ability to flutter their eyelashes to create low-level flight; and The Furrower, who has the ability to furrow their eyebrows to cause extreme sheepishness in those it's directed towards.
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