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VILLAINS: Warhead and Beachhead
Abt_Nihil at 7:28AM, Aug. 25, 2009
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And I might as well add two villains I've got lined up for Bombshell #2:


A cyborg. Former soldier who was wounded in battle and donated his body to the Krueger company (see Bombshell #1) so they could test their new tech on it - it was the only chance for him to ever get out of his hospital bed again. His tech has been continually upgraded, renewed and replaced - he's a technological mess, basically, held together by a shiny armor, and this is an analogy for his mental state as well: He's a mindless machine of destruction, save for a somewhat vain ego. He's the bot that briefly appears in the “imagined” bottom panel of Bombshell #1 pg. 15. He'll get his proper entrance in Bombshell #2.


A 21-year-old girl who was also upgraded with weaponized tech gear, which doesn't show on the surface though. Only in battle would she transform her limbs into weapons. She has been raised as a warrior by her father, a South African weapons dealer (who also had a hand in outfitting Bombshell). Her mother is of Scandinavian descent - she has blonde hair and a light complexion. She will make her first appearance in Bombshell #2 as well.

I need to properly introduce these two on Bombshell first, so having them appear on Alliance may take some time.
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