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HERO Team: Shadow Force (Deadeye, Starstriker, Granite, Wildfire, Jelly, Ghost, Shades, Roulette)
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I have lots of characters and would like to be involved in this somehow.

Kevin Walsh (callsign: Deadeye) Affiliation: Shadow Force
No real super-human abilities, just impeccable aim. Kevin's a self-righteous hot-head who's got too much of an ego to see his own faults. He has a pair of wrist holsters that hold a few specialized handguns with a wide array of ammo (exploding, armor piercing, tracking round) and would probably only participate in a team if it also suited his own interests.

Tom Walsh (callsign: Starstriker) Affiliation: Shadow Force
Tom can move/run extremely fast and sometimes generate sonic blasts. He is not the typical “speed demon” character as he is also the leader of Shadow Force, but he would also help out another team if they really needed it or were fighting someone very evil.

Paul Gerrard (callsign: Granite) Affiliation: Shadow Force
Super-dense, nearly unbreakable skeleton, increased strength and durability. He's an all-around “good guy” and would help just about anyone- especially if it made him look good in front of his bosses, Tom and Kevin Walsh.

Helena Perez (callsign: Wildfire) Affiliation: Shadow Force
Heat/fire manipulation. Helena prides herself on using her abilities in unconventional ways, such as meating a metal lock to the point that its internal mechanisms fail rather than just blasting it off with brute force. She has an incredible meanstreak and would help anyone else that has been abuse in the same ways that she has been.

Jamison Sheddard (callsign: Jelly) Affiliation: Shadow Force
Jamison can form a thick exoskeleton out of the strange, protoplasmic goo his body can secrete, and can shape it into a variety of things, grow to a tremendous size and form it into weapons. Jamison comes from a lower-class working family and would help another team if the price was right.

Rita Best (callsign: Ghost) Affiliation: Shadow Force
Rita can transubstantiate into a spectral form that allows her to move through solid objects, hove in mid-air and even take control of another persons body for a short time. She is a gentle soul who doesn't believe in violence but would not sit idly by while evil runs rampant.

Julia-Rain Davies (callsign: Shades) Affiliation: Freelance
Shades' eye emit a dark psychic energy that she can use for various purposes including teleportation, creating solid objects and “sucking” the light out of a room. She is always on the run from her past, but would help others if they'd return the favor.

Petra Milanovich (callsign: Roulette) Affiliation: Freelance
Known as ‘The Ice Viper’ in the former Soviet Union, Petra has the unique ability to “blink” an object or even a person out of existence for short period of time (think of it like teleporting out, then returning to the exact same place a few minutes later), she also has super-agility, balance and reflexes and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and bladed weapons. She would help another team if it got her closer to tracking down the escaped mad scientist Menace, who she's been tracking for months.

I couldn't get the links to work, but here's some bios:

I have much more, including villains. let me know if you are interested.

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