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HEROES: Dr New Exclusive and Dhwty, the Tri-Man
JimHarbor at 12:12AM, Nov. 2, 2012
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So here are a couple of my OC's. Sadly going undrawn becasue all my coloboraters meet unfornuate cirmcumstances ;_; If anyone wants to draw them feel free to PQ for more detail.

After an accident involving pandimensional super Troophants,
DR·NEW·EXCLUSIVE has a stenographic map of the universe cosmically grafted
into his head. His entire brain, skull and face is a massive ever changing assemblage
of panels from seemingly random scenes in time in space. He can taste tomorrow
he can smell yesterday and he can breathe entropy.  His skin is a compressional two-dimensional
microcosm of the Teraverse itself.  He is
the ultimate fore in facing the beyond and the harbinger of all that is to

Dḥwty, the Tri-man
The living arbitrator
of Fyat, the cosmic all-Maa’t that is the fundamental premise of reality. It is
the voice that spaketh the light, the fate that is woven into our strings, the
paint upon our codex. As the ever-present guardian of The Word, The Sophios,
The Trimestgus words, he can compose his wished by speaking to the rhythms of
the universe itself, the Book slave to the God-Pen that is its tongue. Is he guardian?
The new form of the thought dead E’ma-a, brought back from the Twilight on the Fastback
of the human mind? Or is he merely a madman blessed with the infipower that is
the Will of All? All are true, none are impossible, for the borders of reality
are mere footstools to the power of The Tri-Man!

The eternal cosmos paid host to the thousand glimmer treasures
of the hordes of Dyeus Pater and the lost Gaia-stones of the Haidou; but the grandest
treasures of all came from the God-Boxes of Seh-ul cast into the lower realms
by the endless fury of the Alter-Ones.

Young Jac Fince, druggy on the run from the demons of his soul
and man’s, came across one such glittery artifact perched across a time-lost
peak.  When he came to open it and release
its metamortal yields upon the trinatural plain, the very sanctity of the god
was unveiled to him!

The Uber-Oposium of Elysion, capable of healing all injury
beyond time itself!

The Siren Syringes of Shenés- the most saccharine of serums that renders even
the most feeble of minds with the interlaid function rhythms of the Krypto-Cosmos

The Kannavis of Parakatahris, who’s blinding Azure haze,
will shut any mind to view the true mysteries of the Bleaching World

The Ever-present Ex-Sta-SEE, whose deep blue truths allow
one to become one with the Omni-Soul

The Ster-Bile of the New-Bile: Given from the Augustine Elixir
of the Homeostatic Nuemestics, its dream-synthesis gives one the strength of a Decillion

And ultimately, the Ur-Truth, the Final Fate all, Kwetwer-Duwo,
Sqaure, to line-line to one.  Total synthesis,
total synergy, total symphony.

With these blessed treasures of the gods, Jac Fince has ascended
the plain of one bound by mortal thoughts and pleasures and into a new realm as

In short, a man with an animated Newspaper of the Universe as a Head, a Person who can rewrite the comic he's in by talking to it. and a druggy who gets his superpowers from God's stash.
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