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Kaine story
irrevenant at 7:05PM, Feb. 6, 2016
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The wizards who have Kaine his powers didn't give up their experiments when Kaine escaped. They just got better at maintaining control of their test subjects.

Now they have a small army of animal/human hybrid warriors at their command. But none of them have quite captured the success of that first wild attempt.

Nothing for it but to catch and dissect the original and find out what makes him tick.

Oh, and they'd really quite like their sword back.

I don't see this as a full HA story, more of a focussed story on Kaine and maybe a couple of others (Roof Rat and Shadow Fox would be a nice fit).
cdmalcolm1 at 8:12AM, March 8, 2016
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I'm interested as to how this will turn out. It can be an HA story. But maybe more like a fill in story involving just a few HA characters? As you said RoofRat, ShadowFox, (and a little cameo of SolarCell and BombShell?)

Here is why I say this: in the SolarCell story, later after the short team up with Chaos in the club. One of The secret missions the Bombshell send RoofRat away on would be this mission/Story you just came up with. I just have to get the ball rolling again with SolarCell. I would also help draw this story if you like.

Keep me posted.

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