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My Life as An American Hero 2 is here...
agentny003 at 5:09AM, March 1, 2018
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Hi everyone. After a month break I'm back and happy to announce that “My Life as an American Hero 2” is here. I hope you all enjoy it and prepare yourselves for new twists and surprises.
Hey guys. If anyone is interested, feel free to read chapters 1-5 of my first webcomic, “My Life as An American Hero.” I hope you will enjoy it. I'm fixing the artwork from Chapter 6 and on. So for now, enjoy the first five.
George36 at 1:35PM, Aug. 21, 2020
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I usually use Reddit when I want to learn more about the issue. However, I noticed that even Reddit is not almighty. For example, I was looking for feedback on TrustMyPaper, but couldn't find at least one on Reddit. It seems that nobody even created trustmypaper reddit topic yet. Unbelievable!

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