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Web Developer Vs Software Developer
ArjunKumar at 11:10PM, Nov. 8, 2019
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What is better, Career as a web developer or as a software engineer? I am a CS student Are there good jobs for web developers?
Also, let me know which one has more pay scale.

I have go through some blogs and resources to find about web development information like this Web development services If anyone knows about payscale which is higher, Please suggest me.
SfomoSike at 3:58AM, May 30, 2020
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Tyleeynolds at 10:45PM, June 30, 2020
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aidanconnolly953 at 1:47AM, July 17, 2020
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Choosing between web development and software development is a daunting task but the simple solution is that if you wish to work as a freelancer then web development is the best option so far but if you want to work in a company then software development is the best option depending on pay scale. Suggestion by: Assignment writer

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