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I Can’t Find My Printer MAC Address?
aleonjhon14 at 10:07PM, Feb. 23, 2021
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Every wireless printer has a Media access control, also said MAC address. A unique hp printer mac address is assigned to the printer when it is connected to the network. If you are wondering how this address looks like, you will find it in six sets of two alphabet and numeric combinations having dashes in between.

The easiest way to find this address on your printer is from the network menu on the control panel of the printer. Before you check for the Media access control address, make sure your printer is connected to the network.

In case your printer is connected with the computer using the Ethernet cable, the Mac address will be the same as the UUID of the printer. It is the same as the alphanumeric sequence written on the end of the hostname.

In the case of wireless connection, the Printer MAC Address is taken from the WiFi chip of your router.

If your printer is not equipped with the control panel or keyboard input, then you need to apply other methods to find these addresses.

No one has any control over these addresses as they are assigned automatically to all wireless devices. Another way to find the Printer MAC Address is by printing a configuration page on your printer. Once the configuration page is printed, you need to check for Physical Address or MAC Address entry.

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